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A snow goose and a blue goose have an altercation on the Bosque Del Apache NWR, New Mexico.

It’s National Wildlife Refuge Week!

Happy National Wildlife Refuge Week! You didn’t know we are celebrating the Refuge System this week? There probably aren’t a lot of people who had it marked on their calendars. I’d guess there aren’t a lot of folks who are familiar with the Refuge System at all. The U.S. Fish…

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Olympus 40-150mm & Lumix 35-100mm Shoot Out

Olympus 40-150mm & Lumix 35-100mm Shoot Out by the omnipresent boys from Calgary TCSTV. As people get their hands on the new Olympus lens, we’re starting to see more and more comparisons being performed. This one is by the two guys from The Camera Store TV in Calgary, Alberta. They…

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A sample of a Drobo being backed up.

Hard Drives and Digital Photography Workflow

Hard Drives and Digital Photography Workflow go hand in hand. Over a year ago I became aware of a company called BackBlaze which is a cloud based backup service I’ve been using ever since. The most amazing thing about this company is how inexpensive it is. I’m getting to the Drive…

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Question from Michael J. Amphlett

Michael, the top image has the lens hood attached and is retracted. The bottom image of the lens connected to the camera is missing the lens hood all together. Thanks for your keen observation and for adding your voice to the conversation.

Tanya’s 2nd Cousin Colorado Avalanche Nathan MacKinnon Hockey Star

Ok, this is a bit off topic for me but in some ways, not really. This hockey video (I do shoot video you know and I did play hockey in Minnesota) is amazing! Here’s the back story. Nathan MacKinnon is my dear wife Tanya’s second cousin. Nate is a hockey…

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The new, recently released Olympus Zuiko 40-150mm F/2.8 zoom

The New Olympus 40-150mm F/2.8 Getting Spectacular Reviews

The new Olympus 40-150mm F/2.8 Getting Spectacular Reviews and I have one on order from F11 Photo in Bozeman, Montana. Just a reminder, all MFT lenses need to be multiplied by two, so this lens is actually an 80-300mm F/2.8. I hope to have it upon my return from Romania in…

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A image of hands on the Lumix 100 showing how small and compact this miniature MFT power house is. The fixed, lens is 24-70mm equivalent with aperture of 1.7-2.8. Stunning!

Panasonic LX100 Development Story With Samples

Panasonic LX100 Development Story With Samples. A week or so ago I wrote about the Lumix LX100, a new camera announced by Panasonic at Photokina. It’s an all in one “compact” like, “point and shoot” like, picture taking machine. But being “like” a point and shoot and all in one compact is…

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Monarchs like these fooled weather watchers into thinking a storm was headed their way.

Weird Weather Map Cloud = Monarchs

A weird cloud appeared on weather maps earlier this month causing forecasters to scratch their heads. It was a large, slow moving cloud that changed shapes as it drifted south over the U.S. Midwest. A freak storm? Nope. It was millions of monarch butterflies traveling from Canada to Mexico, a…

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Full Frame Nikon or MFT Lumix Mirrorless?

Virtually any camera you update to is going to be a big step up from your D200. Great camera in the day but it is now considered old. Since you have been shooting the D200, a DX body, I’m guessing some or all of your lenses are the DX versions?…

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The dry lake bed behind a a beautiful grove of aspens in full fall colors. Nikon D600 24-70mm

The Lumix Diaries Canadian Rockies Fall Colors Tour

The Lumix Diaries Canadian Rockies Fall Colors Tour. Below are twenty five of my favorite pictures. September 27, 2014 Just arrived at the gorgeous Delta lodge in Kananaskis Country of Alberta, Canada. We left Calgary early this afternoon and had an hour drive into the fabulously breathtaking Canadian Rockies. We arrived…

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