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Natural Exposures, your connection to the world of photography, nature, conservation, and the conduit to fulfilling your lifelong travel dreams. Daniel’s photographic expertise will enhance your photo skills. Tanya will shepherd you to the world’s most beautiful locations, and they’ll both introduce you to like-minded individuals who often become friends for life. The world is waiting and time is short. Let’s create memories you’ll never forget and the pictures to prove it.

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Daniel J. Cox has photographed for National Geographic magazine

Daniel’s work is featured in many well regarded publications including National Geographic.

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  • "Dan and Tanya put on an awesome photo tour, and this one is among their very best! I expected them to be wonderful hosts and to have thought of every detail (they did!), but I…

    Dane Jaques, Virginia

  • "Wonderful. You guys are awesome and it's a real pleasure traveling with you!"

    Omar Hikal, Dubai

  • "A wonderful trip filled with fantastic opportunities to see and photograph the snow monkeys and cranes along with a nice view into the Japanese culture."

    Cathy Pemberton, California

  • "Outstanding from start to finish. I loved the extraordinary biodiversity and ecosystems we experienced. The entire adventure was well organized and so much fun! You will not be…

    Alison McClure, California

  • "This was an amazing tour for nature, wildlife and scenery. I got to see Old Faithful and the mud pits. I saw eagles, elk and coyotes. Totally terrific! Another first class trip…

    Michelle Duggan, Massachusetts

  • "Hello Fellow Exposure Buddies - I am so loving all of the wonderful photos you are so very kind to share. It's as though your photos make a very special "happy place…

    Gay Darsie, Florida

  • "Great trip. Good mixture of things to see and do."

    Sarah Street, New York

  • "Tanya and Dan, Are an involving and supporting team and I would 100% recommend taking a tour with them."

    Allan Coffey, WA, Australia

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  • Dennis Wagner says:

    Thank you for an overall excellent review of these 2 lenses. I agree that these are two very fine lenses, and I struggled to decide (after our last trip to Japan in 2016) which of these would be overall best for me on our next trip in the Spring, as…

    5 hours ago on Two Great Travel Lenses: Leica 12-60mm & Olympus 12-100mm (8 comments)
  • Barry Graham says:

    I’ve been scouring the internet and I think the situation is this: Hi Daniel, With AF/AE button assigned to AF-On the shutter pressed halfway does in fact lock exposure. The problem is that the EVF and LCD screen don’t show that that is the case as the image remains the…

    9 hours ago on Panasonic LUMIX G85 Shooting Experience Huge Bang For The Buck (81 comments)
  • Mike G says:

    Hi Dan, I moved to micro 4/3s some time ago for the size advantage when traveling and also hiking. For travel I currently use Olympus 9-18 (variable), and Panasonic 20 F/1.7 and 40-150 (variable). I'm going to pick up the Leica 8-18 as a replacement for my Olympus 9-18 due…

    13 hours ago on Two Great Travel Lenses: Leica 12-60mm & Olympus 12-100mm (8 comments)
  • Doug says:

    Thanks for the quick response! One last question, if I may...Will I see a significant difference in stills between the G85 and the GH5?

    15 hours ago on Two Great Travel Lenses: Leica 12-60mm & Olympus 12-100mm (8 comments)
  • Doug says:

    Dan: Thanks for a great review. The Panasonic 12-60 looks great! I'm currently shooting Fuji and love their 100-400mm. However, because I travel a lot, I'm considering Panasonic. A couple of quick questions: 1) How does the Panasonic 100-400mm compare to the Fuji? And to the Panasonic 100-300 (new version)?…

    1 day ago on Two Great Travel Lenses: Leica 12-60mm & Olympus 12-100mm (8 comments)
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    Two great travel lenses Leica 12-60mm and Olympus 12-100mm to foil carry-on police As traveling photographers, we’ve all been there. “There” is the point in line where the gate agent looks you straight in the eye and asks you to place your carry-on in the make-believe overhead bin that determines…

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    Panasonic’s On A Roll It’s a been a great year so far for Panasonic’s Lumix line of cameras that’s giving us new technology to help us take better photos. Most notably the introduction of the hard to get Lumix GH5 that’s helping me get great birds in flight photos. I’ve…

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  • Paul Ross Asks About Locking GX8 Buttons

    Paul, great to hear from you and happy you’ve become a part of the MFT community. Without a doubt, your experience of accidentally hitting the display button on the GX8 is not unique. It’s actually an issue with all Lumix cameras. And yes, the inability to recall ALL the details…

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