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Natural Exposures, your connection to the world of photography, nature, conservation and the conduit to fulfilling your lifelong travel dreams.  Daniel’s photographic expertise will enhance your photo skills. Tanya will shepherd you to the world’s most beautiful locations, and they’ll both introduce you to like-minded individuals who often become friends for life. The world is waiting and time is short. Let’s create memories you’ll never forget and the pictures to prove it.

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Daniel J. Cox has photographed for National Geographic magazine

Daniel’s work is featured in many well regarded publications including National Geographic.

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  • "The adventure of seeing the Jaguars "up close and personal" was Fantastic!! But also, being able to see a Tapir and other exotic animals, reptiles & birds was lik…

    Lani Dillon, California

  • "Amazing experience. Jagaurs were promised and delivered!"

    Jane Norris, Virginia

  • "WOW!!! This trip was a once in a lifetime event. I got to take a big one off my “bucket list” and had just a wonderful time while fulfilling a lifetime dream. The islands…

    Ken Pettapiece, Manitoba

  • "Dan and Tanya put on an awesome photo tour, and this one is among their very best! I expected them to be wonderful hosts and to have thought of every detail (they did!), but I…

    Dane Jaques, Virginia

  • "Tanya throws the best "Photo Party" on earth. With Dan's unselfish sharing of his incredible photography expertise and Tanya's skill at organizing and super…

    Dean Swartz, Ohio

  • "Dan and Tanya are the nicest people you can travel with."

    Bob Ross, California

  • "If you visit Africa, you will want to experience the land, the people, and the wildlife. On this, my first trip to Africa, I have been fortunate to travel with Dan and Tanya Co…

    Art Simmons, Texas

  • "Winter is the perfect time to visit Yellowstone. No crowds, few vehicles, wonderful scenic landscapes covered with snow, and many animals actively trying to survive the harsh c…

    Dave and Shiela Glatz, Illinois

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Recent blog posts
  • Letter to the Editor: Please Credit Photography

    This fabulous image of a gun attacking an eagle was published in an airline magazine and was my first post on the subject of magazines not creeping photographers properly.

    Please Credit Photography This blog post is the first of what will be an on ongoing campaign to point out publications, editors, and others who seem to have forgotten that it’s photography that sells their publications – magazines, books, newspapers, web pages, and the like. For the past ten years or more I’ve…

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  • NE Explorer Fred Kurtz Shoots Indy Cars with new Leica 100-400mm

    Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 7.17.11 AM

    Good friend and Natural Exposures Explorer Fred Kurtz recently took his Lumix GH4 and the new Leica 100-400mm zoom out for a test shoot. Freddy has worked for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for thirty years as an Observer and I asked him to do me a favor and go try…

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  • Can Lumix MFT Cameras Compete with Traditional DSLR’s?

    Tahitian fire dancer performing on the island of Bora Bora, Tahiti Lumix GX8 with Olympus 12mm F/2.0 lens ISO 1600

    Can Lumix MFT Cameras Compete with Traditional DSLR’s? Susan Brown Matsumoto recently emailed me wanting to know more about the capabilities of the Micro Four Thirds cameras compared to her Nikon D700 and D800 bodies. I’m regularly getting the same question from lots of our readers, so I decided to put…

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  • Nature’s Best Features Daniel’s Work with Panasonic Lumix

    St. Mary's Lake and Lone Goose Island during autumn in Glacier National Park, Montana.

    Nature’s Best Features Daniel’s Work with Panasonic Lumix Without a doubt, the most beautiful nature magazine in publication today is Nature’s Best. Daniel’s work has appeared in Nature’s Best a couple of times over the past 20 years —a polar bear cover and other incidental images as well as the winner of the Landscape division…

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  • Mirrorless Telephoto Comparison Leica, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus

    Marsha Philips of F11 Photographic Supply on safari with Natural Exposures Invitational Photo Tours. Kenya.

    Mirrorless Telephoto Comparison Leica, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus Last December I was fortunate to receive the new Leica 100-400m zoom, built for the Panasonic Lumix cameras I’ve been enthusiastically shooting since 2008. A complete transition to Micro Four Thirds has been squelched by the fact we just didn’t have the long professional quality telephoto/zoom…

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