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Natural Exposures, your connection to the world of photography, nature, conservation, and the conduit to fulfilling your lifelong travel dreams. Daniel’s photographic expertise will enhance your photo skills. Tanya will shepherd you to the world’s most beautiful locations, and they’ll both introduce you to like-minded individuals who often become friends for life. The world is waiting and time is short. Let’s create memories you’ll never forget and the pictures to prove it.

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Daniel J. Cox has photographed for National Geographic magazine

Daniel’s work is featured in many well regarded publications including National Geographic.

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  • "Hi Tanya, Thanks for the best trip. Many new experiences and friends and lovely reunions with dear friends. Journey home was straight forward and without issues. Best wishes, A…

    Allan Coffey, Western Australia

  • "That was seriously an amazing 2 1/2 weeks. I loved every minute and 100 times more than I honestly expected. The organisation was so perfect, all the little hops so exciting…

    Sally Bruce, Wiltshire, England

  • "Great trip. Good mixture of things to see and do."

    Sarah Street, New York

  • "Tish and I thank you profusely for helping make our trip to Kenya an amazing experience. The logistics, accommodations, guides, wildlife viewing opportunities, cultural immersi…

    Mike and Tish Cromwell, Maryland

  • "Our first travel experience with Natural Exposures was exceptional! Accommodations, meals and our traveling companions were first class. Costa Rica is a colorful country and th…

    Ralph and Barbara Russo, Pennsylvania

  • "Just returned from Kenya. Awesome trip with Daniel J Cox, Tanya Smith Cox, Natural Exposures and a bunch of fellow trekkers. Made a bunch of new friends."

    Kenya Explorer

  • "Our trip to Costa Rica with Dan and Tanya couldn’t have gone smoother. Dan’s timely photography advice was a perfect addition to the great wildlife, accommodations, and fo…

    Steve Webster, Massachusetts

  • "Pretty perfect from start to finish. I've fallen in love with Dan, Tanya, Colter and of course, Yellowstone. Thank you for a wonderful experience!"

    Sally Bruce, England

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Blog Discussions Happening Right Now
  • Mal Yazbek says:

    Thanks Daniel. Would the FZ1000 do a better job in that situation? I think it has a bigger sensor? Thanks again.

    9 hours ago on Family Photographer 4K Photo Mode Winter Sledding (12 comments)
  • Mark James says:

    Hi Daniel, I've recently tried my hand at BIF'S using my GH5 and Panasonic 14-140mm lens, and I'm beginning to understand that this requires a lot of practice. I've been thinking about purchasing the 100-400mm Panasonic for surfing and would like to know from you whether the AF on the…

    1 day ago on Lumix Diaries Birds in Flight Settings for Lumix Cameras (119 comments)
  • Mal Yazbek says:

    Hi Daniel, Would this camera be good for indoor sporting events? My kids do karate tournaments and it is hard to capture a good action shot. Most of these venues have okay to dimly lit lighting. What setting would be best? Your pic are fantastic. It has been a while…

    1 day ago on Family Photographer 4K Photo Mode Winter Sledding (12 comments)
  • Alan Kirkby says:

    Hi Daniel I just bought a GX80 with the 12-60 kit lens and although in all respects I love it there's one thing causing me a little concern and that's battery life. The standard Panasonic battery is down to one bar after about 150 shots, far less than the 300…

    1 day ago on Panasonic LUMIX G85 Shooting Experience Huge Bang For The Buck (66 comments)
  • Dean says:

    The "concept" is disastrous for working photographers and serious hobbyists. Fortunately, from what I saw of the critter shots (polar bears, grizzlies, lions, wolves), so is the quality of images on the site. You and I would have hit the "delete" button long before the "send" button if we even…

    5 days ago on Photo Hero or Photo Zero: Two Points of View (2 comments)
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  • Photo Hero or Photo Zero: Two Points of View

    A new company recently came to my attention and they’re making a lot of professional photographers unhappy these days. It’s called Unsplash and it’s nothing more than a very well done website that specializes in giving away FREE photography. Their tag line is, “Beautiful, free photos. Gifted by the world’s…

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  • Copyright Your Pictures Now It’s Super Easy

    I’ve been telling our NE Explorers since I began teaching, “You should copyright your pictures.” And now it’s so easy, a photographer would be crazy not to do it. All due to the new service called Binded. Even more unbelievable is the fact Binded’s service is free. Not the registration…

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    1 Comment

  • Steve Curran Wonders About UV for Leica 100-400mm lens

    Steve, not sure what you are referring to as far as me stating I might decide not to use a UV protector for the 100-400mm. If I wrote that, I must have been thinking I didn’t want any additional glass and that comment most likely was referring to the prototype…

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  • Panasonic Lumix Engineers Visit Bozeman

    Panasonic Lumix Engineers Visit Bozeman. This last week all of us here at Natural Exposures and Polar Bears International were honored to have five wonderful people from Panasonic’s headquarters in Osaka and Lumix Luminary liaison Tom Curley from the US come visit us in Montana. The folks from Japan included…

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