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Natural Exposures, your connection to the world of photography, nature, conservation, and the conduit to fulfilling your lifelong travel dreams. Daniel’s photographic expertise will enhance your photo skills. Tanya will shepherd you to the world’s most beautiful locations, and they’ll both introduce you to like-minded individuals who often become friends for life. The world is waiting and time is short. Let’s create memories you’ll never forget and the pictures to prove it.

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Daniel J. Cox has photographed for National Geographic magazine

Daniel’s work is featured in many well regarded publications including National Geographic.

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Recent Testimonials
  • "I just want to say thank you to both you and Dan for two plus wonderful weeks of photography, fun and friends. It was another Natural Exposures beyond first class adventure…

    Joel Kleiner, New York

  • "I just wanted to again thank you for a wonderful week of photography and relaxation away from the office. It was a really a good group."

    Sue Wolfe, Texas

  • "Still in the afterglow of spending so much time so close to Coastal Brown Bears! Thanks SO MUCH for an amazing Alaska Brown Bear experience. One of the best vacations we'v…

    Ian Enright, Alberta

  • "On a scale of one to 10, Natural Exposures Namibia / Botswana / Zambia trip is a 15! From the world's second largest canyon to gorgeous sand dunes to an abandoned diamond…

    Fred Kurtz, Indiana

  • "Good! Loved seeing the Snow Monkeys. They were on my "bucket list" and got some wonderful pictures! Great seeing the eagles dive for the fish. Swans were beautiful an…

    Lani Dillon, California

  • "I loved this trip. It is a destination that you need to access via a tour and this photography trip was perfect. I think photography helped me to connect to the Cuban people."

    Beth Jones, Pennsylvania

  • "Tanya and Dan, Are an involving and supporting team and I would 100% recommend taking a tour with them."

    Allan Coffey, WA, Australia

  • "Fantastic! Noriko was exceptional."

    Judy Edgar, Colorado

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  • GaryS says:

    Really nice change of pace with this blog entry. I had no idea that Griffin made the wonderfully interesting Sriracha documentary. His earlier Lumix videos really demonstrate cinematography for the GH series. The "Hand Cut" video really showcases many strengths of the GH5. Makes me yearn for a well aged…

    13 hours ago on Griffin Hammond Filmmaker Extraordinaire (2 comments)
  • jgm says:

    I found the video on setting up my G85/FL360L for off-camera flash to be very helpful. I'm wanting to shoot macros using the flash-off camera, with the camera to manual (ss 160, f 11). How do I control the intensity of the on camera flash pop-up flash? Can I control…

    2 days ago on The Lumix Diaries: Macro Made Easy (8 comments)
  • Mihai ANDREI says:

    Following Olympus & Leica 100-400 mm experiences, we found here very useful information for using Olympus at the airshow. Thank you!

    3 days ago on Olympus OM-D EM-1 Mark ll Leica 100-400mm (67 comments)
  • Peggy Wang says:

    Dan, Yes, to eliminate confounding factors, I've left the limiter on the PL 100-400mm to Full even though the firmware update, as you say, fixed this. I'll think about trying the Panasonic GH8 body but for now, I'm going to talk with Adorama where I bought the lens & see…

    3 days ago on Olympus OM-D EM-1 Mark ll Leica 100-400mm (67 comments)
  • Joseph Avellino says:

    Good day. I apologize for a naive question, but I am hoping you can help considering your deep experience. I have a GX8. I have the 14-42 lens that came with the camera kit and bought the Lumix 45-150 lens. I just purchased the Lumix 14-140 lens that has an…

    3 days ago on GX8 & OM-D EM-1 Image Stabilization Question from Ray Hirsch (3 comments)
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  • Griffin Hammond Filmmaker Extraordinaire

    Griffin Hammond Filmmaker Alaska Project This past week I had a chance to meet a special young man, Griffin Hammond, filmmaker extraordinaire. Griffin joined me in Alaska for a Panasonic project to film brown bears. You can see a sneak peek of us discussing our time in the field in…

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  • Photo Hero or Photo Zero: Two Points of View

    A new company recently came to my attention and they’re making a lot of professional photographers unhappy these days. It’s called Unsplash and it’s nothing more than a very well done website that specializes in giving away FREE photography. Their tag line is, “Beautiful, free photos. Gifted by the world’s…

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  • Copyright Your Pictures Now It’s Super Easy

    I’ve been telling our NE Explorers since I began teaching, “You should copyright your pictures.” And now it’s so easy, a photographer would be crazy not to do it. All due to the new service called Binded. Even more unbelievable is the fact Binded’s service is free. Not the registration…

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  • Steve Curran Wonders About UV for Leica 100-400mm lens

    Steve, not sure what you are referring to as far as me stating I might decide not to use a UV protector for the 100-400mm. If I wrote that, I must have been thinking I didn’t want any additional glass and that comment most likely was referring to the prototype…

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