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Daniel J. Cox has photographed for National Geographic magazine

Daniel’s work is featured in many well regarded publications including National Geographic.

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  • "The Kenya trip was our vacation of a lifetime – just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – every day it did. Excellent and knowledgeable guides, small group exper…

    Joanne Dougherty, Hawaii

  • "Hello Fellow Exposure Buddies - I am so loving all of the wonderful photos you are so very kind to share. It's as though your photos make a very special "happy place…

    Gay Darsie, Florida

  • "it was SUCH a great trip! Paul thoroughly loved getting to travel with you two and said he really learned so much. He's super excited about photography in a new way. Thank…

    Christine Crosby, Oregon

  • "This is my fifth trip with you, as always, great photo opportunities,accomodations, food, transportation and instruction. What more can I say? Thank you for the fun and for tak…

    Dorothy Murray, Iowa

  • "This morning I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me in my mailbox... my Natural Exposures package! OMG! So, cool and informative. I've traveled on other photography t…

    Misty Nichols, Florida

  • "That was seriously an amazing 2 1/2 weeks. I loved every minute and 100 times more than I honestly expected. The organisation was so perfect, all the little hops so exciting…

    Sally Bruce, Wiltshire, England

  • "The Yellowstone Winter Tour was outstanding. We saw so much beautiful landscapes and winter wildlife. I would recommend this trip to everyone."

    Peter Dillon, Australia

  • "Excellent trip - better than I expected. Went to Cuba for the architecture, cars, and music but found that the people and their attitude toward life is the real treasure. Fell…

    Ray Hirsch, Arizona

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  • Andy says:

    Thanks for the reply Dan, I will have to be patient! Wow the Bosque del Apache tour looks awesome, maybe if I win the lottery I can come on that and buy a new G9....🤓 Regards Andy

    4 days ago on Andy Quinn Wants to Know about Lumix G9 Birds In Flight (1 comment)
  • Carol Hindle says:

    Hi Dan, just got GH5, please explain RAW with * and one row of lines, RAW with * and two rows of lines.

    4 days ago on Lumix GH4 Question about RAW Support from Trent Anderson (11 comments)
  • davidh says:

    Daniel - how about a side-by-side comparison of the GH5 and the G9 calling out where they are equivalent, and where one has an edge? I took the plunge for the GH5 this past spring - and I'm quite happy with it even though I don't really use it for…

    4 days ago on Lumix G9: A Still Photo Centric Camera From Panasonic (5 comments)
  • Alex says:

    "This is all about Predictive AF, and this is a big one if it’s improved over the GH5. I’ve had very good luck with the GH5’s Predictive AF capabilities, but they could use some improvement." Dear Dan, thank you for another great article. I'm really happy to see that you…

    4 days ago on Lumix G9: A Still Photo Centric Camera From Panasonic (5 comments)
  • jim Heywood says:

    I did not bite on the GH5 because I did not need the video capabilities but I have ordered the G9. Don't "get" the comments on types fo focus and perhaps we can talk about this early next year.

    4 days ago on Lumix G9: A Still Photo Centric Camera From Panasonic (5 comments)
Recent blog posts
  • Andy Quinn Wants to Know about Lumix G9 Birds In Flight

    Thanks for writing Andy. As much as I like the GX8, I really do not consider it a good choice for wildlife. Especially with a lens as powerful as the Leica 100-400mm. The 100-400mm, when extended out to it’s longest reach is effectively 800mm. That is extreme magnification and with that…

    Read More »

    1 Comment

  • Lumix G9: A Still Photo Centric Camera From Panasonic

    It’s been about a week now since Panasonic announced the Lumix G9. I’ve held off writing anything, wanting to digest it all before giving my take on what looks to be a great new camera. For all those folks who were blinded by the incredible video capabilities of the Lumix GH4 and…

    Read More »


  • Foxes on the Edge with the Arctic Documentary Project

    Foxes on the Edge with the Arctic Documentary Project I’m writing this from Churchill, Manitoba on the shores of Hudson Bay. It’s been four years since I was last here. As many of you know I’m no longer guiding for Frontiers North Adventures, but we’re still heavily involved together. I’m…

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  • DxO Rescues Nik Software U-Point Technology

    DxO Rescues Nik Software & U-Point Technology I woke this morning to a tremendous bit of news. DxO software is saving Nik software from Google’s trash heap. Just this last week I was lamenting to several of our NE Explorers my frustration with Google purchasing one of the most effective…

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  • Lumix Stories Video Series: Daniel J. Cox

    This past summer my Panasonic Lumix colleague Tom Curley and fellow Lumix Luminary Griffin Hammond followed me to Alaska to produce Lumix Stories: Daniel J. Cox. We spent three days documenting brown bears, puffins, and red fox using the new Lumix GH5 camera. I wanted to share the inspiration that makes…

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