Yellowstone National Park with Montana State University Students

Posted Jun. 18th, 2011 by Daniel J. Cox

Jeffrey Conger’s 2011 Yellowstone Digital students in Hayden Valley.

This past week I spent some time with a group of passionate young design students from Montana State University. MSU is located in my home town of Bozeman, Montana, and each year a good friend of mine Jeffrey Conger who is a professor as well as Chair of Graphic Design takes a group of kids to shoot pictures in Yellowstone National Park. His reason for inviting me along each summer is to give the students an idea of what it’s like to earn a living as a professional photographer/graphic artist. This all falls under the category of mentoring once again which I’ve written about before. It’s always inspirational to be around young people and get a chance to see the world from their perspective.

Jeffrey Conger’s Photography students visit the Natural Exposures studio in Bozeman, MT.

After several days in the park they stopped by our studio in Bozeman where I get a chance to talk about the business side of photography. One of the things all aspiring photographers, graphic artists, or anyone in the art field should do is spend more time learning the business side of their craft. Our intern program is one of the more popular ways the local students get to know more about the business. You can see more photos from the week with 2011 Yellowstone Digital by following this link.

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