What’s the Best Computer for Still and Video Production?

Posted Feb. 3rd, 2014 by Daniel J. Cox

What’s the best computer for still and video production? This is a question I’m often asked by many of our traveling photo guests. Since 2004 it’s been all Apple and the story below will show you why.

Apple command center in Los Angles.

Apple command center in Los Angeles.

Apple recently released a 90 second video highlighting the 30-year anniversary of the Mac computer. Like everything Apple does, it’s an exquisite example of beauty and function. What makes this mini movie “A Story of Thirty Years and One Day in the Making” most interesting is how it was done.

The entire project, shot in 15 locations on 5 continents, was directed by Ridley and Jake Scott. 15 cinematographers shot over 70 hours on 100 iPhones. The footage was broadcast live back to the main command/editing center in Los Angeles where it was handed off to 21 production editors. Ridley and Jake Scott were able to watch and direct all shoots remotely via FaceTime. The entire production was accomplished with a vast array of Apple products including 46 iPads, 86 Macs and 100 iPhones.

I’ve been a Mac convert for almost 15 years. The story above is an extensive showcase as to why.
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  1. PhilipOn Feb. 3rd, 2014

    Wow! That’s a really cool vid Dan. Thanks for sharing…

  2. Kevin J RailsbackOn Feb. 3rd, 2014

    I’ve had Macs since 1987. Would never use anything else.
    Apple was smart to keep control over the hardware and a lot of the software.
    i’ve had so many friends have issues because they have this logic board, with this graphics card and that sound card.

    While most of my friends give me grief because of Apple’s marketshare in computers, I always point out that the Lamborghini Aventador has a much smaller marketshare than say a Grand Am, but that doesn’t mean it’s a sub par vehicle. Just depends on which one does the job you need it to do.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Feb. 8th, 2014

      Good input Kevin. The market share things is fast becoming a nonissue. Seems people are really liking the way Mac perform, their reliability and overall value. Hope yo are well and shooting great things. Thanks for adding your voice.

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