What’s All The Hype About 4K Video and Photos?

Posted Nov. 22nd, 2015 by Daniel J. Cox

As Panasonic continues to power forward with their amazing new 4K tools for photography and video, some people are left scratching their heads. What’s all the hype about 4K video and photos? For those wondering, Panasonic recently put together a great video showing the advantages of this incredible new 4K technology. In short, 4K is four times higher resolution than the TV’s most of us are watching today. Most of the TV’s everybody has in their living rooms or dens are known as 1080P or HD (High Definition)

DPReview present a tutorial called 4K: What you need to know. Click on the photo above to be take to the DPReview article.

DPReview presents a tutorial called 4K: What you need to know. Click on the photo above for the DPReview article.

Today’s 4K TV’s offer a sharper picture and four times sharper/higher definition—you know how good your TV looks at 1080P already. Imagine details four times sharper. Things like the text on the football as it spirals through the air, blades of grass on the field, diamonds popping off the screen on the Home Shopping Network in so much glory the husband just has to buy you one! That’s 4K !

Admittedly, most of us don’t  have the new 4K TV’s but even so, the 4K footage we can shoot on the Lumix cameras looks even better than the 1080P HD, four times better! Therefore, you can use the 4K option on your Lumix cameras to get even clearer images than normal on your regular 1080P HD TV.

4K is the future and Lumix has six models that capture the beauty of 4K video and photos. One of the biggest camera companies in the world doesn’t have even one model capable of 4K anything, video or stills. And that my friends is why I’m betting heavily on the technology coming out of the Panasonic labs going directly into Lumix cameras. These guys are pushing the envelope like nobody in the business and giving us great new photography and video tools. Lots of rebates being offered right now on some of these fabulous new cameras. Check with your local dealer or check out Panasonic.com.

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