Wall Street Journal: A New Focus for Camera Makers

Posted Apr. 16th, 2012 by Daniel J. Cox

I opened to the Technology section of the Wall Street Journal this morning to find one of the world’s most respected papers reporting on the subject I’ve been discussing for several years nowA New focus for Camera Makers. It’s a good story on the changing tastes of photographers, especially female photographers. The article talks about the fact that women are the driving the force in Mirrorless camera models from Panasonic, Olympus and Nikon, and the number one country the revolution is happening in is Japan. It also talks about how cell phone cameras have disrupted sales of small compact point and shoots, and that the interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras offer an advantage that people are willing to pay for over the cell phones.  Additionally the article discusses that shipments of the traditional DSLR (Nikon & Canon) cameras is projected to grow by 18% this year, however, shipments of mirrorless cameras are projected to increase 60%!

Part of the ever-growing mirrorless group with our cameras in Kenya. It's not just women that want smaller and lighter cameras to take pictures with.

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  1. Fred KurtzOn Apr. 16th, 2012

    Dan, I will be giving my mirroless GX1 a workout in Dubai this week. With lots of futuristic city to photography I imaging I will use the 7-14 wide angle all the way to the 45-200 lenses a lot especially when I am just walking around and not wanting to carry my D300. I called B&H about my D4 on pre-order and they have no word on when yet. I am still excited about that one too – best of both worlds.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      danieljcoxOn Apr. 16th, 2012

      Fred, I’m sure you’ve already tried out the 7-14 but wait until you see your images from work in the field. It is an amazingly sharp lens from corner to corner. the new 14-42 is superb as well. Have fun and let me know how it goes. Would love to see you photos when you return.

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