Wall Street Journal Confirms 2014 Breakout Year for Mirrorless Cameras

Posted Jun. 27th, 2014 by Daniel J. Cox

Wall Street Journal confirms 2014 breakout year for mirrorless cameras. Sadly, they also discuss and blame a faulty Nikon strategy for the success of Olympus and Panasonic. In some ways this is a heart breaking news story. I’ve been a loyal Nikon shooter for over 30 years but was tempted to investigate the Micro Four Thirds world back in March of 2010 with the purchase of my first Lumix GF1. There are many reasons I’ve moved almost completely over to Panasonic, but the size, weight and ease of use are at the top of the list. Additionally I’ve been concerned for several years about the lack of serious support on the software side of the equation at Nikon. I won’t give all the details as to why a disaster with Nikon software forced me to rethink my use of their products, but it was the final straw that set me free to think more seriously about other solutions. In today’s world, software is as much a part of our photographic tools as our cameras, and I just felt Nikon didn’t and doesn’t see it that way.

Nikon N8008

One of my images used in a Nikon ad in 1988.

I’m hopeful Nikon decides to join the revolution – in a much more serious way than their Nikon 1 line, along with a fix of their software issues as well. It’s hard to imagine a company as successful as Nikon giving up on the camera business. Recently Nikon announced they were going to be investing 1.96US  billion in mergers and acquisitions in medical and other growth fields. That’s not a flat out proclamation that they’re exiting the camera business, but it’s not a chest pounding endorsement either.  Nikon having to make serious changes is hard to believe, since they’ve been a huge part of my business model since 1976. However, it doesn’t surprise me either since I’ve experienced tumultous change myself.  Believe me, I know, just today I received an email for unlimited use of stock photos for $1.00 each. Change isn’t easy but sometimes it is essential to stay alive.

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  1. Fred KurtzOn Jun. 28th, 2014

    This is my second trip to Europe with only Panasonic M43 cameras and I am totally loving it. This is the way of the future and Nikon and Canon better wake up. And Panasonic better come up with a 400 mm pro lens – the only thing missing.

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