Tools of The Trade – Mylio Slideshow Presentation

Posted Oct. 16th, 2021 by Daniel J. Cox

Tools of the Trade

Tools of The Trade – Mylio Slideshow Presentation is the first in a series of videos. These videos will be highlighting the many different pieces of equipment I use as a natural history photographer. Not just camera equipment but clothing, software, camera accessories, video gear, things I use for life on the road, and just about anything else I need for creating my images.

Mylio Slideshow Presentation

Below is my first video for Tools of the Trade. It’s a how-to on using Mylio to create a slideshow. The slideshow featured is for an upcoming event in Churchill, Manitoba where I’m headed to photograph polar bears. This adventure is part of our Natural Exposures Invitational Photo Tours. We’ll be hosting 40 guests at the Tundra Buggy Lodge.

On one night of our adventure, my dear wife Tanya is throwing a cocktail party and she wanted a series of polar bear photos to play on a large screen. So I went to work gathering the pictures and putting them together in Mylio. I typically use Apple’s Keynote for this kind of presentation. But I recently found a similar tool in Mylio. And so why not?

I hope you enjoy this first episode of Tools of The Trade. If you do please Subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

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