The Yotel in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Posted Apr. 11th, 2012 by Daniel J. Cox

I’ve written before about my favorite airport around the world being the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. I’m writing this on my way back from India having been shooting there for the past eight weeks. Having a 9 hour layover in Amsterdam inspired my wife to look into a mini-hotel known as the Yotel here in the airport. I mention in the following video that I thought it was a Japanese company that came up with the Yotel concept, but I just looked Yotel up on the Internet and I was wrong. It’s actually a couple of guys from Britain who hatched  the idea and wanted to design something with a Japanese flair. They got that right. You can read more about the company and see more of their locations on the Yotel website. Long story short, I’ve done a mini movie showing the Yotel room and discussing the benefits. Next time you pass through the Amsterdam airport you might want to give your body a break and stay with the friendly folks at the Yotel. I know my 9 hour layover is going to be much more relaxing than what it would have been without the comfy little room. Oh, and did I mention they have great Internet connections that are included in your stay.

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  1. Portrait of David and Shiela Glatz

    Dave GlatzOn Apr. 14th, 2012

    Excellent and informative post – thanks for sharing! We were not aware of this option.

  2. BonnieOn Apr. 12th, 2012

    Hi Tanya,
    I just converted the Euros and 35 equals about $46 USD, that is not bad. It looked like quite a nice place to get away from the main airport and nice that you don’t have to go outside security. I was lucky when I went through Amsterdam since I had such good company to occupy me during the layover. I have finally sent my photos from that Africa trip to be published and should get it in a day or two.
    Take care and nice to hear from you.

  3. Portrait of Tanya Cox

    Tanya CoxOn Apr. 11th, 2012

    Hey Miss Bonnie!
    The Yotel starts at 35 Euro, I think a minimum of 2 hours – you pay for only the hours you need and what is also nice about it is you don’t have to go outside security at the airport AND the rental hours are not based on the normal times of a hotel. Check in when you want – check out when you want. When Dan arrived in AMS at 5:45am until 4pm I wasn’t sure with a normal hotel how to book a room – arrival too early to check into most hotels – if I booked him the night before so the room would be available upon arrival he would have to check out by noon. I think 7 hours was about 85 Euro of the standard room. You can also get a premier room that has more space. 🙂

  4. BonnieOn Apr. 11th, 2012

    Hey Dan, that is a really good idea. Boy that Tanya sure comes up with great ideas. Hopefully one doesn’t fall asleep and miss their flight. Are they expensive? Do you pay by the hour?

    Hope you have a safe trip home.


    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      danieljcoxOn Apr. 11th, 2012


      Not sure of the cost. I just know it wasn’t too bad. It’s been absolutely incredible, just out the door are several restaurants and the rest of the airport. Way too comfy but I’ll take it. Yes, that’s Tanya, she’s always working to make my life more comfortable. Hope you are well. We had a great time in India.

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