The Value of Quality Photography and the Love of Dogs

Posted Feb. 12th, 2012 by Daniel J. Cox

Several months ago my wife and I were lounging, watching one of the few TV shows we enjoy, Sunday Morning, when they presented an insperational story on two of my favorite subjects: Dogs and Photography. I went to the CBS website, hoping to find the program, but apparently they don’t post the videos until later since I wasn’t able to find it anywhere. Fast forward to this Sunday Morning, which reminded me of my original desire to write a blog on the show that featured Dogs eating CBD dog treats and Photography. Joint supplements for dogs are the most common type purchased by U.S. pet owners. A good quality glucosamine for dogs joint supplement for dogs and cats can be especially required when movement and suppleness of the connective tissues and cartilage may be compromised, due to normal wear and tear that happens with age or through injury. I grabbed my IPad, pulled up Google and bingo, found this amazing video I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

I just want to introduce you all to the best dog friend I’ve ever been fortunate to have. This is Dice. Dogs have always been a big part of my life and the video at the end of this post has encouraged me to not only share my feelings about dogs but how important photography can be in giving them a better life. Take a guess at what breed Dice is and post it to the Blog.

My reasons for wanting to share this are two-fold. First, it’s a great piece on helping expose the huge and horrific issue of throw-away dogs and the need to find them good homes. Second, for years I’ve wanted to try and find a way to encourage people to understand that quality photography is worth its weight in gold. As the world is inundated with more and more images, the value of a quality photograph is even more important. How do you convince a photo editor, art director or the CEO of a company that there is a difference between good and bad photography? This show drives makes that point like nothing I’ve ever seen. Take a look and you’ll understand what I mean.

I’m hopeful this video will inspire all of you to continue producing quality work that makes a difference. I’m equally as hopeful that this video will educate each and every one of you to the value of your work. With this knowledge, when someone requests the use of your photography, you will have the courage and pride to do what is right and fair for yourself and the world of photography.  If it’s for a nonprofit FREE OF CHARGE is fair game. However, if the use is for a commercial entity, charging a fair and reasonable fee is the right and prideful thing to do. If you don’t market your work, watching this video will at least give you your morning dose of warm and fuzzy, knowing our mutual passion for all things photographic can make a difference. Enjoy the show. Sorry about the pre thirty second commercial but somebody has to pay for this stuff and thankfully it included someone getting paid to do a job well-done shooting a commercial video.

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  1. Portrait of Christine Crosby

    ChristineOn Feb. 14th, 2012

    that’s a really cool idea!! She gets home from the Yukon Quest tomorrow and I’ll spring the idea on her! Think it would be great!! Thanks for sharing that!! hugs to you and T!

  2. Portrait of Christine Crosby

    ChristineOn Feb. 13th, 2012

    Thanks Dan!! What a GREAT story!! I’m thinking this may be a way I can help out as well. I have fostered and placed several dogs, but this is a way to help in a much broader sense it seems. I know I don’t have the skill (or props) set of this woman, but I’m sure that with my experience shooting my own black dogs that I can shoot some better images than the ones with them in cages, etc!! Awesome!! thanks!!

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      danieljcoxOn Feb. 13th, 2012

      Christine, you should team up with Jeanne and have her teach you the studio lighting side of photography. She does a great job on dogs and you two could work as a team. Just a thought.

  3. BonnieOn Feb. 12th, 2012

    What a great story and a wonderful thing she is doing. We have been fostering kittens and now we have a Lhaso we are fostering till the end of March. When I return him I will see about doing this for my local humane society. They do post pictures, not as bad as some of these examples, but not as cute as the retakes! Thanks Dan – have fun in Yellowstone.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      danieljcoxOn Feb. 12th, 2012

      Thanks Bonnie, it is a GREAT story. Hope you can help your Humane Society out. Might get you into doing some studio work which can be a lot of fun.

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