Stunning Aurora Video

Posted Oct. 21st, 2014 by Daniel J. Cox

This stunning aurora video is proof positive photographers can no longer dedicate ourselves to just one camera company. This breathtaking video footage was shot with the new Sony A7’s full frame camera by photographer Anders M. It’s proof positive that new technology being developed AND delivered by the so-called underdogs: Panasonic, Olympus and Sony, is raising the bar at breakneck speed.

Aurora Borealis in Tromsø from Anders M on Vimeo

I shot Nikon equipment exclusively for over 30 years until about five years ago. On a whim I tried the humble little Panasonic GM1 and I’m now shooting 80% of my work with Panasonic cameras. Panasonic, Olympus, and Sony have long been underdogs in the world of photography, but all three are exploding with great technology that helps us photographers and cinematographers tell better, more exciting, and more compelling stories. Panasonic is on a roll with several different cameras that capture 4K video at prices that you can’t believe if you ever priced the first 4K cameras from Red. Olympus and Panasonic are giving us lenses for the Micro Four Thirds cameras  that we once could only dream about, smaller, lighter, sharper. And now Sony is pulling out all the stops in the Full Frame category with amazing ISO’s at speeds you had no idea were even possible.

Where are Nikon and Canon?

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  1. Portrait of Ray Hirsch

    Ray HOn Oct. 25th, 2014

    Hi Dan,

    I couldn’t agree more with your comments. I have added a GH-4 and a E-M1 to my bag along with some M43 glass and I have to say I am blown away with the results. Margie and I just spent 11 days shooting in the Canadian Rockies and I used the two 43’s on a wide range of shots from extreme wide to extreme tele and the results blend in very well with what I shot with the Sony A7R. You need to do some deep pixel peeping to find the differences. Some of the M43 glass is unbelievably good. You have convinced me Dan, and made me a convert.

    On this same subject, I recently signed up for Patagonia with NE, and I am wondering whether you are going to bring your Nikon’s for this somewhat extreme location? I would like to go M43 + Sony A7R, but on the other hand my 5DIII has been through driving rain and freezing cold and never failed. I have never been there, so I would be very appreciative of your thoughts.

    All the best,


    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Oct. 29th, 2014


      I will defiantly be shooting my Lumix gear in Patagonia. The weather can be a bit extreme where we will be shooting but nothing my Panasoinc cameras can’t handle. I’ve been impressed with their durability and weather sealing. Glad you’ve seen some of the positive points of the smaller MFT cameras. It’s all getting very interesting and I’m even looking at the possibilities of the low light capabilities of the new Sony gear myself. It’s a fun time to be a photographer.

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