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Our Services

  • All images are rights-managed
  • We supply high resolution digital files via the Internet which allows for quick download
  • Images can usually be delivered on the same day as your request
  • Each image is scanned at 4000ppi or originates from a high quality digital RAW file
  • Color calibration is precise with X-Rite color management software 

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Office hours: M – F, 9:00am – 5:00pm MTN
Payment accepted: Check, Wire Transfer, Visa, MC, Discover, American Express

How To Request High Resolution Images

You may contact our office manager Jill Mangum at any time by email or phone. We’d be happy to send you high resolution comp images through our Internet delivery service if needed.

Automated Purchases

Some images are available for purchase and download directly from the Natural Exposures website. We’re continuously adding high-resolution images to our online database, hoping to make it easier for you to quickly purchase and download files for your specific needs.

To determine if a file on our website is high resolution, click into the thumbnail to enlarge the image. If the dimensions noted to the right of the image measure 5100 pixels or larger (the image size will be in MB also rather than KB), that image is probably available for high-resolution purchase and download.

The next step is to click on the green Buy Rights Managed button to the right of the image. You’ll notice that the image is provided in JPG format only. This is a decompressed JPG file saved from a TIFF that has been processed by our digital technicians to be error-free, and the image data in the JPG is exactly the same size as contained in the original TIFF. You should not be able to see any difference in the JPG with the naked eye when compared to a TIFF.

Please Note: Any processing, retouching, manipulating, compressing, or resaving the downloaded JPG will result in a degradation of quality.

Once you are in the Add to Shopping Cart dialog box, select the relevant options for a rights-managed license. Once this information is complete, click either Add to Cart if you would like to continue shopping, or click Add and Checkout if you are finished with your selections.

If you are in any way unsatisfied with the high-resolution JPG file or find it won’t suit your needs, please contact our office at 406.556.8212 or email photo@naturalexposures.com, and we will promptly send you a TIFF file via our Internet delivery service.

Need help finding an image?

Please email us your photo submission needs/specifics of what you are looking for. We’ll create an online custom gallery of images for you, including images from here in our office that might not be on the website yet.

How do you request usage of an image? What is the fee?

All requests/uses are different from project to project. We prefer to work with each client individually and will strive to be fair with pricing and do our best to work within your budget.

Send the information below with your photo request. It will help our staff to quote to you accurately and efficiently.

How will the image be used?
Example: Billboard, textbook, postcard, calendar

Size of image and location
Example: 1/4 page, 1/2 page, cover, inside

What is the print run (if applicable)?

What is the duration of image use?
Example: One time, months/years

Will there be multiple usages?
Example: Print and web

Territory of distribution
Example: Canada only, worldwide, North America

Budget for your project

Please Note: All images must have a credit line of:
© Daniel J. Cox/NaturalExposures.com
unless otherwise agreed upon.

Email us any time if you have a question: photo@naturalexposures.com