South Africa, Londolozi Game Reserve.

Posted Sep. 25th, 2013 by Daniel J. Cox

I was finally back in the wilds of South Africa and it was way too long in coming. My first trip to the African continent was in 1987 and it was here, South Africa, that I first experienced the magic of this wonderful, natural paradise. For many reasons I’ve spent most of my time in Kenya and other east African countries, so I was excited when a group o Explorers convinced us we needed to make a trip to the most southerly part of this wild continent. As usual Tanya worked her logistical magic and here I am writing this blog from my room in the world-renowned Londolozi Game Reserve. I hope to do this at least once each day while we’re here, so they won’t be long. The days in the field start at 5:00am and we’re typically not done for the night until after 9:00pm.


Tanya in her Land Rover, with NE Explorers Cathy and Mark Pemberton, watching a lion move off in to the night to hunt. Nikon D4, 80400mm Lens, ISO 8000

The photo above is of a very unique situation that we’ve just never experienced in Kenya. Here, at Londolozi, we have the ability to stay out after dark. Having to come in from the field before 6:30pm each night in Kenya has always been a disadvantage, so tonight when we stayed out until way after the sunset, it was very special. The image below was our first pride of lions and they didn’t even move until the sun was long gone. Thankfully due to the latest digital camera technology, i was able to shoot in light I’ve never tried before. The image above was shot at 8000ISO with a Nikon D4 and the new 80-400mm lens. The warm light in the foreground is from our headlights. I’ll post more text and images as the trip goes on. Stay tuned.

A large male lion stretches after his afternoon nap, ready to head off in tot he bush for the nights hunt.

A large male lion stretches after his afternoon nap, ready to head off into the bush for the night’s hunt. Nikon D4, 80-400mm ll lens, ISO 2500

After a day in the field we came back to an amazing dinner that included mushroom soup, chicken skewers with a special red sauce and garlic mashed potatoes, fresh out of the garden sautéed vegetables and a delicious cake of some sort and all washed down with a small glass of South Africa Amarula. It was an evening to remember and it’s only just begun.

Candles light the outside eating area for our first dinner.

Candles light the outside eating area for our first dinner.

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  1. Dad b. coxOn Sep. 27th, 2013

    Wow!!! Looks like a great time. Be safe and enjoy this part of your life.

    Dad and mom

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Oct. 8th, 2013

      Thanks Dad. Hope to get you in the field with us soon.

  2. Fred KurtzOn Sep. 26th, 2013

    Isn’t the D4 and the new 80-400 a great combination? I love the ultra high ISO capabilities. I just returned from Sicily and in one shooting situation, I was the only one hand holding the camera while all others were on tripods. The pro on that trip (Canon shooter) kept telling me to get my tripod and I said I don’t need it in this situation. He thought I was nuts. But when I showed him the images, he could not believe it. The D4 rocks and is worth every penny. And the new 80-400 is very easy to hand hold and carry around all day. Have fun in South Africa.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Sep. 26th, 2013

      Fred, good to hear from you. Yes, the D4 is unbeatable at high ISO’s without a doubt. As I’m sure you saw, the first image was shot at 8000 ISO. Had to believe what we can do photographically today and I’m convinced the amazing things will just keep on coming. Glad to hear you had a good time in Sicily. Thanks for stopping in and adding your voice.

  3. Rich LaburnOn Sep. 26th, 2013

    Great to have you with us, I hope you will continue to get many more outstanding pictures. Rich Laburn (Londolozi)

  4. Portrait of Joanne Dougherty

    Joanne DoughertyOn Sep. 25th, 2013

    Love your blog! I’m definitely going to be checking in. Say hi to Jim and Lynn for me, I see them in the rover behind Tanya. I wish you all the best trip with great wildlife viewing. Looks like you are off to a great start!

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