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Posted Mar. 4th, 2017 by Daniel J. Cox

I just want to let all you folks who have been gracious enough to send in Questions for Dan to know that I’ve not forgotten you. My issue is lack of time. I’m currently in Svalbard, Norway for the Arctic Documentary Project and just haven’t had the time to get to all your questions. I promise you, I will get them answered but it may be 2-3 more weeks. Thanks for your patience and interest in our Blog. Below is a daily video snippet from my work on the Arctic Documentary Project for Polar Bears International.


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  1. Doug HarmonOn Mar. 8th, 2017

    Dan, I recently purchased the Lumix G85, which I think is fantastic. My question is simple. Do you have a list of your settings for the various scenarios, e.g sports, portrait, landscape/travel, and point & shoot ? If so, I would love to get a copy.

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      Daniel J. CoxOn Mar. 8th, 2017

      Doug, I have a Blog post titled Birds in Flight Settings for Lumix Cameras and though it specifically details my settings for Birds in Flight, those settings are actually what I regularly shoot for virtually everything. The one exception might be changing the AF sensor pattern to the Faces when I’m photographing people. Some of the details in that blog post could very well change with the new GH5 since it has additional AF options that may prove useful for fast moving subject, that I wouldn’t necessarily use on static subjects like people, landscapes and the like. But for now, my general settings on all my Lumix cameras are set for dealing with impromptu photo opportunities so I can be ready for action or a fleeting moment within seconds. Sometimes I get, sometimes not but I’m at least as prepared as I can be with these settings.

      My preferred Mode is Program since it’s like having Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority all rolled into one. If I need more Shutter speed I turn the rear dial to the right. Better depth of field, rear dial to the left. I find it to be the quickest most effective way to work between shutter speed an aperture of any of the Modes. I also, make sure my Histogram is Always On. I’m constantly checking my histogram as I’m shooting, adjusting the +/- Exposure Compensation as I shoot via the +/- button and front dial. I’ve recently moved to setting up the front dial to Always On Exposure Compensation so I no longer have to push the +/- EV button to activate compensation. Be careful with this setting however, since the dial can be easily moved when slipping the camera into your bag. Thankfully, the Lumix cameras show the exposure change in the EVF or the rear LCD so it’s fairly easy to see a potential problem. I dont’ have access to my cameras at this moment, currently 37,000 feet above Greenland on my way home from Svalbard, Norway otherwise I would find the Menu setting for this custom setting. Wil try to get back to this post and add that in a day or two.

      The one setting I love for Point and Shoot is iA (Intelligent Auto). iA is an extremely easy way for my wife and I to get photos of ourselves while on vacation, during family events etc. Since my cameras are fairly customized via menu options, things like Rear Button AF, is a very difficult for people who don’t shoot a great deal. When I request a photo, with my camera from a stranger, it’s impossible to explain Rear Button AF to them. To solve that I simply move the mode dial to iA and a GH4 or any other Lumix becomes an easy to use, Point and Shoot.

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