Sony Getting Serious About Professional Users

Posted May. 9th, 2016 by Daniel J. Cox

Just a quick post about a recent video I saw with a photographer who recently received Sony’s new Pro Support package. If it’s all this photographer describes—he shows the unboxing so to speak—it sounds quite impressive. I’ve been a Nikon Professional Services member since 1981 and they do a great job supporting qualified professionals. Only downside is that since I’ve started shooting Lumix cameras I can’t get anybody at Nikon to even email me back. Go figure!

Anyway, I love seeing this option from Sony and I’m extremely hopeful Panasonic introduces something similar for the Lumix brand. The difference in the Sony program compared to the Nikon program is with Sony you have to pay $99.00 per year. But quite honestly, if this extra fee gives them (or anybody) the ability to offer better service, I’m all for it. I’ve been a huge advocate of Apple Care for many years. Apple care requires a one time payment and it is worth every single penny. Half the benefit of buying Apple products is the ability to sign up for Apple Care. Can’t say enough good things about Apple Care and if camera manufacturers can do the same for a reasonable price, I’m seriously onboard!

Nikon Professional Services member since 1981.  Lordy I’m getting old 🙂 Better than the alternative.

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  1. Mike GOn May. 13th, 2016

    Your comments about Nikon’s customer service becoming worse over time are echoed by many long time users, probably another reason why people are looking at other options.

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