Solar Roadways – Are You Kidding Me?

Posted May. 27th, 2014 by Daniel J. Cox

Solar roadways – are you kidding me? That’s exactly what I thought when I received an email from Indiegogo a fund raising internet site for entrepreneurs needing to raise cash for interesting projects. And this Solar Freakin Roadways project fits that bill amazingly well. This technology is hard to believe but if you watch the video you’ll see what they’re hoping to do. This technology sounds absolutely amazing. If all roads were updated with these materials these folks claim the solar energy produced would be three times the amount of electrify the US currently uses.

These materials are durable enough to drive on, walk on, and are heated so they melt snow. In the process of installing these there are places for electrical wires to be laid for cable, electricity and high speed internet. They talk in the video about being able to remove much, if not all, power lines. Good grief would this world look better without power lines. You have to watch this video, which is actually quite humorous as well as educational, about what this new technology is all about. All of this on top of the fact this product was invented by two regular folks from the state of Idaho right here in the good old USA. Below is a second video a little more subdued than the first one. Both worth watching.

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