We Have A Lot in Common: Small Cameras, Big Pictures

Posted Aug. 1st, 2018 by Daniel J. Cox

OK, when I first saw Ben Aqua’s video titled: Why I Ditched Full Frame For Micro Four Thirds Cameras, I thought, you know, this kid and I have a lot in common. I mean it’s not just the glasses that we obviously both found on Amazon. There’s a lot more to it than that, me being a mentor and all. He describes his full frame Canon 5D as a “damn tyrannosaurus egg” around his neck. Then he refers to it as a “big ass amazing camera.” These are a couple of a long list of “crazy ass” things I can totally relate to and some of our NE Explorers may have heard me say.  This kid delivers the message in a fun and interesting way. I’m having a hard time writing this from laughing as I watch his video to capture his quotes.

I know, it’s hard to tell us apart, but Ben’s on the left and I’m on the right.

Here’s a list of my favorites describing his reasons for jumping from full frame to MFT. Now if I could just get him to not copy my stylish peepers.

Ben Aqua tells it like it is:

  • “…damn tyrannosaurus egg around your neck”
  • “What’s the point of having a big ass amazing camera if you don’t even want to use it?”
  • “It’s weird that physical bulk is the number one issue I have with full frame cameras.”
  • His Canon 5D “weighed about 4000 lbs. or at least that’s what it felt like after a day of carrying it around my neck.”
  • “I wanted something smaller and less intimidating.”
  • The GX85 “is a beast.”
  • “What these cameras are capable of for under $1000 is incredible.”
  • “These cameras are physically small enough that I don’t feel physically drained at the end of a long shoot. Like I just ran an entire marathon carrying a freaking anvil.”
  • Lumix 42.5 F/1.7 “is super sharp wide open and the bokeh is just dreamy.”
  • “Those are some seriously juicy bokehballs right there.”
  • “Someone just dropped a big ass rock.”
  • “I can walk around with a tiny camera, with a tiny lens and people think it’s just a tiny camera taking tiny photos.”
  • “But what they don’t realize is that the photos are huge!”
  • ‘It’s so fun to walk around with a tiny camera and makes me just enjoy the process and that’s what it’s all about.”
  • “The GX85 is one of the most underrated cameras out there.”
  • “Switching from full frame to MFT has gotten me back in the groove of taking more photos beyond phone snapshots.”
  • “The size, quality, price, and perception of MFT cameras is so enticing and I’m actually enjoying the process of photography again.”
  • “Having fun and being present with the journey is ultra important.”
  • “I’m no longer dreading the impending wrath of holding a 400 lb DSLR for 100 hours.”

So there you have it. Not only do Ben and I wear the same glasses, but we both have a talent for coming up with “crazy ass” quotes. I like this kid. This just might be me in another life. Can’t wait.


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  1. Tom OcasekOn Aug. 29th, 2018

    Dan, First, beyond our friendship, you are the most equipment knowledgable professional I know. I “jumped” from a full Nikon System with a replacement cost of $25K to Lumix at $8K early on. As you will recall the issues then were a need for wildlife MM’s and was a smaller sensor going to be a penalty. The GH-5 and G9 along with the 12-60mm and 100-400mm solved the the issues. My images have improved many fold and I have professional videos. I had to switch to Lightroom when Apple “threw Aperture under the bus”, the transition was both painful and successful.
    Second, I have had lots pressure from other professionals to return to a full size sensor, shoot on in raw on manual, and to process in Capture One. But they can’t tell the difference when comparing my large jpegs shot in “A”, processed in Lightroom and enlarged to 20X30″ prints. I have sold some in auctions for over a grand…I use my images in slideshows to excite the audience while I talk share conservation ideas…
    Thanks again, my best to Tanya, and I hope we can travel together while I still can… Aloha, Tom Ocasek

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Aug. 29th, 2018

      Thanks for the kind comments Tom. Lots of photographers are still stuck on bigger is better but few can tell me for what. Change is never easy and seems to be especially difficult for photographers who are notoriously insecure. Much of it because photography can be complicated for people to master and once they do it’s like “don’t show me anything new. I don’t want the stress”. Yet they put themselves through a lot of stress having to buy the more expensive gear and then carry it all. When I ask people what they do with their work 99% do nothing more than Facebook, maybe an 11×14 or smaller. Few ever do anything larger. It’s world-class brainwashing on the part of Nikon, Canon and now Sony. The only caveat is newer technology that I’ll be writing about shortly that I recently experienced with a Sony A9 but it wasn’t due to the larger sensor. Stay tuned.

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