Robert Moore asks about differences in MFT and FT

Posted Feb. 4th, 2015 by Daniel J. Cox

Help please. I’m in the Sony and Canon world but want to add the GH4. Can I use the Olympus 40-150 2.8 without an adapter BUT with a teleconverter? Iam confused by four thirds versus micro four thirds!
Currently I’m carrying a 7D mark II for BIFs and thought someday mirrorless would have af and focal length to allow but didn’t that day was now until I stumbled onto your incredible cheetah blog and the GH4. I suppose I’m also asking if an Olympus lens will work natively with the Panasonic body thus the querry about the adapter. I use the Metabones with my EF lenses to an A7r and A7s and we know how slow to focus they are.
Thanks for helping the micro four thirds boobies!


Yes, absolutely you can use the Olympus 40-150mm without an adapter AND you can use it with the Olympus 1.4X teleconverter. Four Thirds refers a larger camera system that Olympus use to produce that incorporated the Four Thirds sized digital sensor. The newer Micro Four Thirds systems are being designed by several different companies including Olympus and Panasonic and they use the same sized sensor but without the traditional DSLR like mirror box. Removing the mirror box in favor of an electronic EVF has miniaturization benefits for the camera body and lenses. Four Thirds is basically a dead system and all four thirds sensor cameras are going the micro route. Hope this helps and thanks for the question.

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  1. Robert Moore/MedicineMan4040On Feb. 4th, 2015

    That was such a huge reply-much time and effort and well thought out=THANKS! This isn’t a ‘forum’ but there is healthy exchange of information I’d love to partake in ~well at this point sponge from~, example I’ve already discovered your vid on touching the screen with the thumb while the eye is still on the EVF of the GH4; that Daniel Cox is genius! and makes me wish the FZ1000 had touch screen (played with 4k photo extraction this morning with it and when spring/summer and the Sun returns that will be humongous fun).
    If this were a ‘forum’ I’d properly introduce myself and tell you I’m a hobbyist/amateur photographer (and like it that way)…here is a link to my Flickr page if that is allowed-it will give an idea of what I shoot:
    If links are not allowed and still curious just google Flickr MedicineMan4040
    I’m no where near as traveled as many posting here but have been to Alaska a couple of times, in April were in the Kruger, in 2 months we’ll be in s.America, and tomorrow I catch a flight to Montreal and woods and fields with owls 🙂
    Gear wise to let you know where I’m coming from-
    Sony A7r,A7s,RX10,RX100iii,A6000
    Canon 6D,70D,5Diii,7Dii
    Lenses- not enough room to even begin on that topic but for the owls I’ll have a 5Diii + 100-400ii and the 7Dii + 400DO ii with cTC1.4

    Now back to what is important, me seeing the light and you Mr. Cox for showing me the way. I’ve had it with humping the weight. In Alaska by the end of the day I was worn out just getting the EOS bodies/Lenses in and out of small planes/boats…well you know, I’m speaking with the choir.

    For s.Ameria my game plan is now the GH4 + 40-150 2.8, 12-35 2.8, and the Oly macro (jungles have bugs right?). That could change if the Oly 300 F4 comes out soon enough. The A7s + Rokinon 14mm for Easter Island and the Milky Way.

    Ok I still work, in a large hospital every other week. So if I take a week off I’m off 3 weeks. In my off weeks over the last 10 years I’ve been in 368 units of the US Nat. Park System, parks in NZ, s.Africa, many in Canada, etc. ; and have hiked the AT from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Hanover, NH……..and a lot of that explains two knee surgeries in the last 6 weeks 🙁

    When I get back in a week from Quebec we’re installing a permanent concrete pier for astro plates and a Celestron mount.

    I also like a bit of digiscoping, this shot via a Swarovsky 95mm + Sony A6000 at approx. 2000mm.

    I could go on…..but will stop this tome with a thank you for being out there Mr. Cox and willing to help with the Lumix platform.

    • Robert/MedicineMan4040On Feb. 4th, 2015

      Forgot the link to the digiscoping shot:

      House Finch (thanks PT Canon)

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