Reducing Highlights With DXO PhotoLab

Posted Sep. 29th, 2023 by Daniel J. Cox

Like you, I’m a long-time user of DXO Photolab. I’m currently using v.5 and have just downloaded a trial of v.7. My question is about your procedure to reduce the highlights. In my Photolab experience, when I reduce the slider, the file takes on a dingy grey tone, rather that diminishing the highlights as would happen with my old Lightroom program. Any ideas?
Eric M Beeman

Hi Eric, Was the image you saw these issues in, when comparing results in both LR and DXO, the same file? Also, was that image a RAW file or a JPEG? I’ve noticed the issue of a “dinghy grey tone” when trying to recover highlights from a RAW file that is grossly over exposed. I’ve seen the same when trying to bring back highlights in a JPEG as well. Camera manufacturers often state it’s possible to recover two stops of highlights from an overexposed RAW file. I find that to be at least a 1/2 stop too generous. My experience has been that if I’m more than 1.5 stops over exposed and I have whites in the frame, they most likely won’t be recoverable. If I do try to bring them back the white area turns grey. Maybe that’s what you have been seeing?

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