Quick, Easy, Free! Video Editing on the Mac With Quicktime

Posted Aug. 25th, 2012 by Daniel J. Cox

Many people often ask what program I use to edit my movies. Most of the time it’s Apple’s iMovie, and soon I plan to move to Apple’s Final Cut Pro X. Not sure if that will replace iMovie but we shall see. iMovie is so powerful and easy. Its main drawback compared to Final Cut Pro X is the inability to adequately keyword specific scenes, etc., so it’s not easy to go back and find detailed footage like you can in FCPX. Aperture also has movie editing capabilities and so does Adobe’s Lightroom. The two latter programs are bare bones and actually very similar to Apple’s Quicktime. You can click on the photo below to be taken to an online article by Mac Life that details how you can edit with Quicktime. For you Windows users you can do something similar by taking a look at this article on how to edit Quicktime movies with Windows 7, Vista and XP. I can’t claim to have ever used this Windows software but wanted those who use Windows to have an option as well.

Screenshot of Apple’s Quicktime video editing program that comes with all Macs. Click on the photo to see an article by Mac Life that highlights how it’s done – free and easy.


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