Question from Tom Gross

Posted Sep. 10th, 2014 by Daniel J. Cox

Not a question really. I mentioned on another blog topic (cannot locate the original posting) that my G5 failed, probably from getting wet. You said to let people now how Panasonic treated me. I called today to find out that the repair was going to cost $287.00. I told them to just send the camera back to me because I had just bought a used one from KEH for $285 in Ex+ condition.
I can still use the old one in “Program mode”. I just cannot change aperture, shutter speed or compensation. I used it for a boat tour of Chicago Architecture, and it worked very well in “P” mode.

Tom, sorry to hear about your issues with the G5. Unfortunately, that camera isn’t built for harsh conditions which water damage would be considered. Also, the G5 is getting a bit long in the tooth in digital camera time. Especailly not being oneo f their professional models. Panasonic is producing some fabulous new models that you might want to look at. Keep your eye on any news about Lumix from Photokina which I’ll post here for upcoming cameras you may be interested in.

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