Question from William Wilmot

Posted Feb. 21st, 2019 by Daniel J. Cox

Hello Dan, I’ve been looking to move away from Lightroom, & having read your blog on Mylio, thought I’d give it a try. Well, it’s great, I love it as a DAM. My intention is to use it in conjunction with Affinity Pro as an editor, & whilst I can easily move edited photos from AP into Mylio using Share Sheets, I cannot do the reverse when using my iPad. Mylio simply does not list AP as an option on the Share Sheet.
I contacted Mylio, who were very quick & responsive, & they stated that this functionality was taken out of Mylio for “performance reasons” when iOS 11 was released.
Have you come across this problem, & if so, have you a work-around?

Kind regards, Will

Do I understand correctly that a Share Sheet is the option to “Open With” as we have on the Mac, but is not found on the iPad? If so I’ve not found this issue since I don’t use my iPad for any serious editing. Unfortunately can’t offer any workaround. Sorry, I can’t be more help. I do appreciate your kind comments.

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