Question from Steve Chang Can Leica R Series Lenses be Used on Lumix GH4?

Posted Aug. 3rd, 2015 by Daniel J. Cox

Hi dan, the ladies are getting excited about our South Africa trip in October. Looking forward to seeing you folks. Does the Lumix GX8 accept leica m series lenses? Does any Lumix product accept Leica R series lenses?

The Leica to Lumix lens adapter for Leica R series lenses.

The Leica to Lumix lens adapter for Leica R series lenses.

Good news Steve, Yes, al the Lumix MFT cameras accept Leica R series lenses via the Leica to Lumix MFT lens adapter.  I think you will also be incredibly impressed with the manual focusing option on the Lumix cameras that makes manual focus super easy. It’s a much more effective way of manual focusing than we have had with traditional DSLR’s cameras. Additionally, I’m not sure if you are aware of the Leica/Lumix lenses that we have in the Lumix system. Lenses that have Image Stabilization and autofocus built in. I have the Leica 42.5mm F/1.2 and the Leica 15mm F/1.7. Keep in mind you have to multiply all Lumix lens X2 so the lenses mentioned above are actually a 85mm F/1.2 and a 30mm F/1.7. These two lenses are typically Leica sharp and built typically Leica durable. Best of all we have a new Leica 100-400mm (200-800mm F/4-6.3) coming in the the near future which will be absolutely unbelievable for wildlife and nature.

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