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Posted Mar. 3rd, 2019 by Daniel J. Cox

Hi Daniel,
I have by total accident discovered your website, and what a find!!! I have only just scratched the surface but so inspiring, thank you.
I am a 74 year old retired college manager and was responsible for college publicity using initially Nikon slr film cameras ending up with Canon DSLR cameras and lenses. I have been retired a few years now and have decided not to keep using heavy gear any more hence my pleasure in discovering your informative website. I am in the process of producing a range of post cards/greetings cards and photographic guide books of my local area in the UK and am looking for a light weight system to take me forward into the future. I think having read what you are achieving that that the quality output of micro 4/3 will be absolutely fine. My question at this point comes down to equipment.
I had thought of starting off minimally with a Panasonic GX9 plus the Panasonic Leica 12-60 f2.8-4, the other body options being a G9 or going back a bit to a used GX8.
If you could spare the time for a comment/opinion or any alternative suggestions I would be really grateful.
Thank you in anticipation
Best wishes

So sorry for the seriously late response. This part of the Blog is difficult to keep up with. Please accept my apology.

As far as comparing a GX8 to a G9, they are worlds apart. I’m a firm believer that to get the absolute most out of the MFT system you have to use the absolute most up to date cameras. In this case that is the G9.

Although I used the GX8 for some time and liked it, I never fell in love with that camera. For travel, it’s not a bad option since it’s a bit smaller than the G9 but for all other types of photography, the G9 is much preferred, at least by me. Another option that is similar to the GX8 but has much newer technology is the GX85. I’ve never used this camera but have held it and have friends that absolutely love it. The GX85 has a smaller sensor, 16 megapixels compared to the GX8’s 20 megapixels. One of the benefits of a smaller sensor is fewer noise issues. If it’s mostly travels type images you’re shooting the rangefinder style of the GX8 or GX85 might be a bonus. Overall, however, neither comes close to the capabilities of the G9. Hope this helps.

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