Question from Jim Heywood

Posted Mar. 2nd, 2019 by Daniel J. Cox

How do properly expose an image that is going to require a long shutter speed. For example a cactus against the milky way. What I see on the screen after the exposure is never what I see when I download to edit. The camera give the false impression that the shot is good when it is not. I don’t find the histogram to be of assistance. BTW what settings do you have saved in your available C 1 – C5 on your G9?

Jim, contrary to your experience I find the histogram to work just fine for night sky photography. I agree that if you review your images on the rear LCD of your camera, it may look fine but in reality, it’s always much darker when loaded on your computer. I’ve found the same problem until I began using the histogram for night scenes as I do for day scenes.  The night sky should fall just to the right of the left “goal post” or left side of the histogram. Maybe you’re not opening up the lens or choosing a longer exposure?

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