Question from Jeff Hulton

Posted May. 5th, 2018 by Daniel J. Cox

Daniel: I am primarily a Leica shooter but have used the Canon system and Fuji system extensively when in Yellowstone et all. I tried the SL but too heavy.

I am looking to add “reach” to compliment my M10 and CL.
What appears to be a solid add is the Panasonic 100-400 with either the Olympus or Panny body.
Do you have a preference right now?
Seems like the GX 8 (or GX9) works? I don’t need a lot of other “stuff” like video so the G9 seems overkill.


Thanks for your excellent work.

jeff hulton


I can’t emphasize enough the added benefits of adding a G9 to your equipment bag over any other camera. The second choice would be the Olympus OM-D EM-1 Mark ll even over the Lumix GX8. The GX8, being a rangefinder camera, is not well suited to wildlife and nature. It’s a fine travel camera, but the G9 is a much better choice if you are wanting to use a long lens. The main reason I’m not a fan of the GX8 when used with any lens longer than the 35-100mm has to do with a Paralax issue from the EVF being to the far left of the camera. When using a lens as long as 800mm, which is what you will be using at 400mm with the 100-400mm Leica, those two inches to the left directly over lens is a big deal. It makes it very difficult to find your subject quickly when shooting at the long end of the lens range. Finally, the G9 is a massive step up in technology overall, not just the EVF. It’s a far superior camera in every way.

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