Question from Eric Thompson

Posted Mar. 3rd, 2019 by Daniel J. Cox


Can you please recommend a flash to use with a Lumix G9? Thank you.

Eric Thompson

Eric, please accept my apology for such a late response. I’m trying to say up with these questions on the Blog and hope to do better int he future.

By far my favorite flash for the G9 is the Lumix FL360. It’s smaller than the FL580 but still has enough power for most things I use it for which is mainly fill flash outdoors.

There are others out there that look interesting if you need the capabilities of a wireless radio signal to trigger off-camera flash. One I’ve been experimenting with is the Godox VING V860IIO but have found it very difficult to figure out for off-camera radio wireless use. That said, I don’t do a great deal of off camera flash so I’ve no immersed myself in getting it figured out.

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