Question from Cecil Thornhill

Posted Feb. 21st, 2019 by Daniel J. Cox

Dan, I was wondering if you have more follow up discussion coming on the auto-focus on the G9, especially re: BIF. Right now I am taking your advice to move to a G85 for the ergonomics over my GX85. I will update to a newer body, eventually, but I have been having fun getting started with birds in general on the GX with the newer 100-300 (ii version). I am sure the better eye position and the better finder will make things easier. I wanted to “get my feet wet” and learn a bit about this type of photography before I select more advance body and lens combos. So far, so good, and the results with even my modest kit have gotten me excited about this. Your posts are really helpful, and your advice appreciated. I am keen to understand trade offs between Panasonic and Olympus for birds especially since there appears to be some considerable discussion about it. Anyway, you have already helped me get some better shots and I thank you and look forward to more words of wisdom on technique, especially autofocus use. – Cecil


Sorry for the delay. As far as the G9’s AF compared to the Olympus OM-D EM-1. With the newest firmware version for the Lumix G9 the autofocus has been greatly improved. I’ve not shot a great deal of action or Birds in Flight with the Olympus but I have with the Lumix G9. Although I can’t say the Lumix G9 has as good of AF as the Sony A9, it is getting closer. Please stay tuned to the Blog since I plan on doing further AF tests with the G9 this spring.

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