Question from Bob Hamilton

Posted Mar. 3rd, 2019 by Daniel J. Cox

I invested in the Lumix G9, the 50-200mm f2.8-f4 Leica lens, the 200mm f2.8 Leica lens and both teleconverters to pursue my passion for wildlife photography with a lighter and more compact outfit (my 63 years are beginning to tell…!!!).
However, I’m struggling, despite extensive trials, to find the settings for birds in flight which would better my current hit rate of 30%, or so, of which probably fewer than 50% are actually tack sharp.
As I say, I’ve tried many combinations of autofocus settings, single point, multi-point, tracking, etc and burst speed rates but nothing seems to improve my hit rate.
If you were able to advise me, I’d be extremely grateful as I love the camera and lenses but am finding the moving wildlife experience more than a bit frustrating.
Kind regards,

Bob, first let me apologize for taking so long to answer your question. I try to stay up with this part of the Blog but it’s difficult. I’m trying to do better.

I’m wondering if you’ve found and reviewed the Panasonic Lumix AF Guide Book/PDF? This PDF was released around the same time as the latest Lumix G9 Firmware Update Version 1.2. I’ve found for Birds in Flight that the AF Custom Setting-Set 4 is giving me more accurate results. You can tweak the Set 4 options as well. I have to be honest and say that I’m not a big fan of the complicated process for trying to get the AF system to perform without all the needed futsing. In my mind the AF should just work. But the new Set options are a step forward. My hope is Lumix eventually makes this process much more simplified and accurate. Let me know how things go.

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