Using Nikon’s Electronic First Curtain Option?

Posted Jul. 29th, 2014 by Daniel J. Cox


Do you have an opinion about using or not using the new Nikon electronic first curtin shutter option?



Doug, I’m not even aware of it. Which camera is this part of?

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  1. Doug BrayOn Jul. 29th, 2014


    It is an option on the D810, which I just purchased.

    As I understand it, it opens the shutter electronically and closes it mechanically to reduce shutter vibration. Sony has had it on some of its cameras and I have seen some web articles about the Sony cameras. There are some comments about it increasing noise.

    Also, when I picked up the camera, the Nikon representative was at the store and he cautioned me to use faster shutter speeds than I would use with my D700 because of the 36 mp sensor.

    He also said the new “group” auto focus points would be helpful for wildlife.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Debra and I look forward to seeing seeing you and Tanya in Alaska next month and in Brazil next year.


    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jul. 29th, 2014

      Interesting Doug. Sounds like something new that I’m completely unaware of. Unfortunately, since I’ve been using Panasonic equipment, even though I’m still using Nikon gear as well, I’ve lost all contact with Nikon. I’ve emailed several Nikon contacts, regarding numerous different questions from our Blog readers, but nobody from Nikon has ever responded. Nikon has always been a company that doesn’t appreciate any photographer using another companies equipment. I see that as short sighted. Maybe if they see this post somebody from Nikon will jump in and offer their advise. For as you prove, we have lots of Nikon users viewing our Blog. I’m all about whatever gets the job done and I’m very open to any company thats interested in helping all photographers become better at their craft, no matter who’s gear it is. I’m extending an invitation to Nikon to take part in this conversion. Lets hope they do. Thanks for stopping by with your question.

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