Question About Dan’s Looks as an “Old Geezer” by David Garon:)

Posted Feb. 20th, 2014 by Daniel J. Cox

How does an old geezer like you stay so young looking? Botox? Mexican plastic surgery? Seriously you look great! I was just wondering, because of all that I’ve seen you saying about Panasonic (one of my top 5 brands for electronics), are you working for them (as a product evangelist)?

Love the look of your new site, so clean, it should be a model for everyone!

Hope you and Tanya are both well and happy,

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  1. Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

    Daniel J. CoxOn Mar. 5th, 2014


    “Old Geezer like me?” Your comment regarding me looking young is gratefully appreciated but suggests you are in fact showing your own age by way of your poor eye sight:) Sorry for the delayed response to your question but in my old age I’m having issues with figuring this new fangled “Questions for Dan” section out on our new web site.

    Regarding Panasoinc. No, I’m not an official evangelist for Panasonic but I do love what they are creating in the world of still photography and video. With every new camera they release I see nothing but the future of how all camera s will eventually operate. Have you seen this new video showing the operation of the GH4? The touch screen and all you can do to customize this camera via touch operation is without question the future. Why the big camera companies aren’t getting on this is beyond me. The future is mirrorless and if you know who doesn’t get on the train in the near future, there’s going to be a Kodak moment of epic proportions.

    Thanks for your kind words on our new web site. It’s been very effective for us and I’m always happy to hear from folks who are using it. It’s especially appreciated from a guy like you who I consider to be first class in the world of design and presentation. Hope to see you in the not too distant future.

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