"The publishing industry has always been a key component in the world of conservation. Ansel Adams is probably the most famous for introducing the natural world to the masses and encouraging preservation through education and understanding. Since the early age of sixteen years old I've dreamt of being involved in ways that can make a difference. The publications below are a small part of my efforts to make that happen."

Daniel J. Cox, Photographer, conservationist, educator


In the Press


Daniel J. Cox has been featured in several news and magazine articles throughout his career. Click on a cover image below to access a PDF file or to read the online version of the article (if available). If you’re interested in viewing how others are using Dan’s photography in media publications, please visit the Published Works section of our site.

  • Cover of 2016 November Mylio True Stories

    2016 November Mylio True Stories

    How Mylio Helps Natural Exposures Manage a Million (!) Images

  • Cover of 2016 Arctic Nation

    2016 Arctic Nation

    50 U.S. states. 50 weeks. 50 American voices sharing how the United States is connected to the Arctic. Dan's story in the U.S. Arctic Council Chairmanship initiative, Our Arctic Nation.

  • Cover of 2016 July Outdoor Photographer

    2016 July Outdoor Photographer

    Advantages of Micro Four Thirds

  • Cover of 2016 Spring/Summer Nature's Best

    2016 Spring/Summer Nature's Best

    Field Testing the LUMIX Leica Lens

  • Cover of 2015 December ProPhotoDaily

    2015 December ProPhotoDaily

    PPD Master Series: The Wild World of Nature Photographer Daniel J. Cox

  • Cover of 2015 Bare Essentials Collector's Edition

    2015 Bare Essentials Collector's Edition

    The Merits of Going Mirrorless, page 79

  • Cover of 2013 Spring NANPA Currents

    2013 Spring NANPA Currents

    Daniel's work highlighting the Arctic Documentary Project was recently featured in North American Nature Photography Associations's (NANPA) magazine Currents. NANPA honored Dan with the 2013 Nature Photographer of the Year Award.

  • Cover of 2013 Frames

    2013 Frames

    Capturing the Beauty of Nature

  • Cover of 2012 July/August National Wildlife Federation

    2012 July/August National Wildlife Federation

    Of the thousands of dramatic photos published in National Wildlife Magazine over the years, few have generated as many emotional letters from NWF members as Daniel J. Cox's image of this polar bear mother and cub.

  • Cover of 2011 September/October Bare Essentials

    2011 September/October Bare Essentials

    Garden of Ice: Exploring the Arctic Ecosystem!

  • Cover of 2010 November Outdoor Photographer

    2010 November Outdoor Photographer

    Outdoor Photographer Showcase: On An Autumnal Hunt

  • Cover of 2010 Winter Nikon World

    2010 Winter Nikon World

    Passing Scene: Witnessing the Changes - Daniel J. Cox spent 21 days in the Svalbard islands in the Arctic Ocean...

  • Cover of 2010 May/June American Photo

    2010 May/June American Photo

    25 Top Places for Shooting - Wildlife Photographers Favorites

  • Cover of 2010 Digital PhotoPro Nikon Inside the Photographer's Studio

    2010 Digital PhotoPro Nikon Inside the Photographer's Studio

    Inside the Photographer's Studio: Daniel J. Cox on Photography

  • Cover of 2010 Lowepro Professional Photographer Showcase

    2010 Lowepro Professional Photographer Showcase

    Since 2006, Lowepro has been underwriting Polar Bears International's Polar Bear Population Project. The scientific research studies the effects of warming on the polar bear habitat and helps raise awareness about this dire threat. Daniel J. Cox shares this commitment, supporting work that is near and dear to our hearts.

  • Cover of 2009 August/September Foto Video Digital

    2009 August/September Foto Video Digital

    Featured portfolio of Daniel's photography (Romanian language only).

  • Cover of 2009 Spring PDNedu

    2009 Spring PDNedu

    PDNedu Asks Photographers...What Changes Have You Made To Your Photography Practices to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint or Otherwise Help the Environment?

  • Cover of 2008 November Outdoor Photographer

    2008 November Outdoor Photographer

    How2: 5 Tips for Autumn Wildlife

  • Cover of 2008 September Outdoor Photographer

    2008 September Outdoor Photographer

    From the Arctic to the Serengeti, nature photographer Daniel J. Cox shares his tips for taking images in extreme weather conditions.

  • Cover of 2008 American Photo

    2008 American Photo

    Special Issue: Images of the Year 2008

  • Cover of 2008 ASMP Best of Issue

    2008 ASMP Best of Issue

    Daniel J. Cox does volunteer work in the Arctic for Polar Bears Internal to document their Polar Population Project.

  • Cover of 2007 December Outdoor Photographer

    2007 December Outdoor Photographer

    Outdoor Photographer Showcase Image: Arctic Fox

  • Cover of 2007 September/October American Photo

    2007 September/October American Photo

    Nikon: Daniel J. Cox, One Thousand Words

  • Cover of 2007 Spring Nikon World

    2007 Spring Nikon World

    Ten years ago Daniel J. Cox saw the change: The polar bears were waiting longer and longer for the ice to form.

  • Cover of 2006 HP Printers

    2006 HP Printers

    Daniel J. Cox uses HP printers to produce pieces in house under full artistic control.

  • Cover of 2005 September Outdoor Photographer

    2005 September Outdoor Photographer

    Dan shares his technical knowledge and extensive experience garnered from photographing wildlife in the farthest reaches of the planet.

  • Cover of 2005 Summer Nikon World

    2005 Summer Nikon World

    Crossing Borders: A Journey to "the Roof of the World"

  • Cover of 2005 Spring Nikon World

    2005 Spring Nikon World

    Desert Bloom

  • Cover of 2005 Outdoor Photographer

    2005 Outdoor Photographer

    OP Short Reports: Nikon 200-400mm f/4 VR

  • Cover of 2001 Outdoor Photographer

    2001 Outdoor Photographer

    Fresh Faces of Wildlife Photography - Dan Cox: (Wildlife On) the Creative Edge

  • Cover of 2001 June Professional Photographer

    2001 June Professional Photographer

    Going Wild: The lure of the great outdoors takes Daniel J. Cox out of the commercial studio and back to nature

  • Cover of 1999 May Outdoor Photographer

    1999 May Outdoor Photographer

    Wildlife Stories: Extraordinary Animal Photographs Tell Tales About Their Lives

  • Cover of Latitude


    The Pro Files: Daniel J. Cox's Natural Exposures

  • Cover of Nikon


    Right on Target advertisement for Nikon Total Imaging System