Polar Bears International 2007 Leadership Camp

Posted Oct. 28th, 2007 by Daniel J. Cox

About three weeks ago I spent time in Churchill, Manitoba helping Polar Bears International (PBI) with a program they call Leadership Camp. More than a dozen kids from around the world came to the Tundra Buggy lodge to learn about how the warming climate will affect the Arctic and polar bears in particular. The sponsored students spent the week discussing climate change issues and learning how to present the information to their peers as well as anyone else interested in their recent adventure.

The goal of this camp is to send these kids off with good fact-based information and the skills to communicate what they’ve learned in a professional and engaging manner. In short, their mission is to be PBI Ambassadors of the Arctic. The following QuickTime video is their message to young people around the world. Special thanks to Apple Computers, Frontiers North, Hudson Bay Helicopters, and the Sheraton Hotel in Winnipeg. We could not have done any of this without you. You can read more at Ultimate Prepping.

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