Polar Bear Cam is Reinstated for the 2011 Season

Posted Oct. 25th, 2011 by Daniel J. Cox

My friends at Polar Bears International and Frontiers North Adventures just announced the rebirth of the Polar Bear Cam coming from the Tundra Buggy Lodge on the shores of Hudson Bay, Manitoba. You can take a look for yourself to see how the bears are doing. My good friend and past assistant BJ Kirschhoffer has made much of this happen with past help from another supporter of PBI Daniel Zatz. Thanks to these two guys and PBI we can now watch first hand the changing seasons as the Western Hudson Bay polar bear population waits for the ice tar rive so they can get back out to start hunting and fill their shrunken stomachs. Take a look and join the conversation. I’ll be up north in a couple more weeks and will be reporting first hand.

Home page image of Tundra Buggy Adventures and Polar Bears Internationals Polar Bear Cam

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