Paul Ross Asks About Locking GX8 Buttons

Posted Aug. 25th, 2017 by Daniel J. Cox

I use the Panasonic GX8 and the 100-400 Panasonic lens for my wildlife images. Following your first try out of the lens I bought one and have been delighted with it since. But my issues with the GX 8 are about the complexity of these electronic cameras, I grew up infirm cameras starting in the 1950s and never had a issue with remembering how my camera was set up. Just look at the dials and lens and you know all you need to know. Now with the software controlled camera, one can set it up in many different ways, and if like me you use more than one camera system, keeping track of the various set ups is a daunting task. SO since you seem to have anon at Panasonic, and since I will be a candidate for acquiring the future replacement for the GX8, how about asking them to provide, in software, a REVIEW feature that can let someone know in a simple easily read screen what setting are set including the C1 TO C3 settings. And, ask them if they can find a way to Lock buttons so that handling the camera cannot trigger them. The DISP. button on my GX 8 consistently gets pushed by accident almost ever time I pick the camera up to my eye. These are two simple changes that can easily be added to the software on almost any camera.

Paul, great to hear from you and happy you’ve become a part of the MFT community. Without a doubt, your experience of accidentally hitting the display button on the GX8 is not unique. It’s actually an issue with all Lumix cameras. And yes, the inability to recall ALL the details of the technology that fits in the palm of our hand is nearly impossible. The days of a few basic decisions, when we grab our camera and begin to shoot, are behind us. Your suggestions for improvements are solid and the good news is– all the things you’ve suggested are in the works.

One of the main reasons the Lumix engineers came to Montana last month was to discuss ideas for a more friendly and effecient user interface. Thankfully, they also visited five other serious shooters throughout the US.

Cursor button lock comes set to the Fn5 button on the top of the rear dial. Page 72 of the GX8 manual

For ergonomics, that are much less prone to accidental activation, I prefer the GH4 and now the GH5 over the other G and GX cameras. Many people have problems with not just the Display button but also the Cursor Pad buttons. Thankfully, on the GX8, there’s a Fn button(FN 5) dedicated, from the factory, to lock the Cursor Pad buttons from being inadvertently pushed. Fn5 is placed in the middle of the Rear Dial but unfortunately, it locks only the Cursor Pad buttons, not the Display button. For many people, this can solve at least half the accidental change issues. As far as locking the Display button is concerned, I’ve heard rumors that feature is coming. Not sure if it will come in a Firmware update or be a new option on a camera of the future. If I had to guess, it will be a firmware update.

With so much technology in such a small package, there will always be new challenges to address. I’m confident Panasonic’s Lumix team are up to it and more importantly are excited to do so.

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