Patagonia’s Big Fall Super Sale With The Lumix LX100

Posted Nov. 15th, 2014 by Daniel J. Cox

Patagonia’s Big Fall Super Sale With The Lumix LX100. One of the fun things we do for some of our Invitational Photo Tours is buy our Explorer’s outer gear they might not otherwise have or know they should get. One of our favorite outdoor retailers, for all around high quality outdoor gear, is Patagonia. I’ve been a Patagonia fan since I was a young boy. They not only build some the finest quality clothing and outer wear but they support a tremendously positive Corporate Responsibility ethos.

So today, Tanya, Jill and I took a road trip to Dillon, Montana for the Dillon Patagonia stores annual humongous blowout sale. The cool thing about the Dillon store is it’s an outlet store so they often have massive amounts of a lot of things. The best part is the prices are already outlet store low and during the sale they take another 40% off. In short, great prices on really high quality outdoor gear.

Today was a beautiful Montana winter day and I thought what a great opportunity to try the brand new Panasonic Lumix LX100. To create some excitement for our Explorer’s (nobody knows which trip’s pre-adventure goodie bag these coats and vests will be a part of), I decided to document the day’s event.

The Lumix LX 100 is a beautiful camera. It feels solid; it’s small but not too small. It uses the proven Micro Four Thirds sensor that is a major upgrade from other point and shoot, fixed lens cameras. The lens is an amazing 24-75mm F/1.7-2.8. zoom. It has a built in electronic viewfinder, the lens has a physical aperture ring, a manual focus ring, the zoom is controlled electronically, and it has a manual EV compensation dial that is super easy to get at. To get everything, including such a large sensor, packed into this camera was a huge undertaking; these are just the basics, and as time goes on I’ll be doing a more robust review. But suffice it to say, so far I’m liking what I see and feel when using the new Lumix LX100.

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