Panasonic Offering Three Year Warranty On Many New Lumix Products

Posted Sep. 5th, 2015 by Daniel J. Cox

Panasonic is offering a three-year warranty on many new Lumix products. I just returned from Alaska where I was shooting lots of action with the GH4, 4K Photo mode images, time lapse, and the crazy cool Panasonic HX-A500 Wearable 4K POV Camcorder. The HX-500 is Panasonic’s version of a GoPro and it’s a very productive tool I’ve added to my camera bag.

What I really like about it compared to my GoPro is it’s totally waterproof without an additional plastic housing. In the GoPro line you have so many extras that take up lots of space. I literally carry the HX-500 in my camera bag and virtually forget it’s there. I remembered it on my last day in Alaska and took it out to shoot underwater video of salmon. This is just a small sample of what’s coming in some future blog posts. I just can’t keep up with it all.

Oh yeah, the Panasonic three-year warranty. Take a look here to see this great new offer from our friends at Panasonic and all authorized Lumix dealers. This link takes you to the Panasonic website, but you can also get the warranty from authorized dealers like Bozeman Camera, B&H Photo, and Amazon.

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  1. Fred KurtzOn Sep. 9th, 2015

    Thanks for this blog post on the three year warranty. I was not aware of it so I just sent off the form for my New GX8 since it fit the requirements. Great info.

  2. Lynn ClaytonOn Sep. 7th, 2015

    this is not just beautiful but shows us what salmon do all day!!

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