On the Road to Document the Arctic

Posted May. 18th, 2010 by Daniel J. Cox

It’s a great morning here in Anchorage. Got in last night and I’m now having a cup of coffee in the Alaska Boardroom where they do a fabulous job of taking care of you. Some days are just better than others but thankfully most are great. Today however has been exceptional.

George, Porter extraordinaire at the Anchorage International Airport

The reason has been people. It began at the Super 8 here in Anchorage. It began with a middle aged African American man who showed there are still hard working, quality people that have a concern for who they are and what they do. I first saw him in the breakfast room where he was back tracking to get the breakfast on schedule due to the late shift not updating the breakfast bar. He was polite, courteous and helpful. I admired his work ethic. I then went to catch the van to the airport. I was standing outside when he approached me and asked if I was leaving to catch my flight. I told him I was and he jumped into the same mode I saw in the breakfast room, grabbing my heavy, large bags and smiling the entire time. He drove me to the airport, putting me in the front seat where we had an enjoyable conversation about the weather, his service in Iraq and where he had come from. Does your body ever tingle when you meet someone so friendly and an obvious asset to society. His name is Lew Diggs and my only mistake was not taking his photo.

Lew dropped me off at the curb outside Alaska Airlines. George took over from there. George was as pleasant and helpful as Lew was. He took me to the Alaska Airlines counter, helped me get my tickets, offered to take my 86 pound camera case to the over sized baggage drop off , all the while talking and smiling seemingly at peace with who he is and what he does so well.

Chris of the TSA. Super helpful

Next stop was the TSA agent who goes through big, suspicious bags like the ones I travel with. Cameras, battery chargers, lots of cords and other camera incidentals make everybody nervous. The young mans name was Chris and he continued the great Karma that seemed to connect with everyone I met this morning. I forgot locks for myPelican case and without hesitation he offered to zip tie them for me when he was done making his inspection. Off to the security line where another TSA agent  handled me and others with the utmost respect and friendly demeanor. So many people dis these folks who due so much to keep us all safe. Sure I’ve run into a few that are less than professional and difficult to connect with. But for the most part I’ve always been treated very well.

That’s all for now. Travel can be stressful and it was such a pleasure to interact with so many great  people who through their positive energy  made the start of a new day so inspiring.

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