OM-System Reborn As An Imaging Business

Posted Mar. 16th, 2023 by Daniel J. Cox

DPReview Suggests OM-System Reborn

OM-System reborn as an imaging business, is emerging as a very positive success story. The folks at DPReview recently talked to the OM-System team at the CP+ imaging show in Japan, which sounds encouraging.

For those who don’t know, OM-System is the spin-off of the Olympus camera division. And like others, I was initially concerned about OM-System making a go of it. However, based on my experience with the new company to date and this encouraging article by DPReview, I’m more confident than ever that OM-System reborn is for real and here to stay for the foreseeable future. This is excellent news since OM-System follows the Olympus philosophy to push the envelope. And because of this, I’ve not even touched my Sony gear since I received the Olympus 150-400mm zoom. The 150-400mm is changing how I capture wildlife and nature.

Springtime sale on OM-System

In celebration of Spring, which is just around the corner, OM-System is having a sale. I just picked up the 75mm F/1.8. A lens I bought for my travel work, specifically portraits. OM-System is working hard to market its gear as a niche for wildlife and nature shooters. A fisherman makes his way out to see as the sun rises over the Indian Ocean. Bali, Indonesia. But their cameras and lenses are also exceptionally fun and productive for travel photography. Small, light, durable, and less intrusive to the people you want to photograph. Using full-frame monsters with their equally monstrous lenses makes people camera-shy. I know, I’ve seen it. The smaller cameras I’m now shooting are much less intimidating to potential subjects. 

Indonesian fisherman with the net over his back near Balhi. OM-1 with 75mm F/1.8

The 75mm F/1.8 (150mm equivlent) is a dream lens for portriats. In my days with Nikon, I used to use the 85mm F/1.4 for portraits. But I always felt like I was in the subject’s face. With the OM-System 75mm F/1.8, I can be twice as far away. This makes it more comfortable for your subject, which gives you more relaxed results. Being an F/1.8, you get a beautiful out-of-focus background that gives the feeling of 3D. Something the younger shooters call “Bad Ass Bokeh.” I call it out focus backgrounds.

Time to get on board with OM-System

So the time has come to a stop worrying about where OM-System is headed. They’ve come through the transition in a big way and are moving forward. I recently received an email from one of my contacts at OM-System regarding updates on the backorder status of the 150-400mm zoom. She told me, “Demand for the lens remains strong. We’re currently adding capacity to our production lines and setting up a new system which should help us fulfill our current backorders by the fall of this year. However, additional new orders are coming in every day.” So this lens is still tough to get, but I know many who have finally received it. Remember, if you don’t want or can’t afford the 150-400mm, the 100-400mm is a sound second choice. It’s smaller, a bit lighter, and a whole lot cheaper at $1499.00US, and is also very, very sharp. Either way, the time is right to make a change.

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  1. Rick PophamOn Mar. 17th, 2023 (11 months ago)

    There are a lot of doom sayers around, but I’m cautiously optimistic. OM systems has really ramped up their online presence and the reps are very responsive to questions.

    I bought an OM-1 last fall and am very impressed with it. The E-M1.2 was the WOW camera for Olympus in my opinion. Most of the other camera manufacturers are still playing catch up to features that were introduced in that camera. The OM-1 is a very worthy upgrade though. They’ve gone through E-M1s made all sorts of improvements, particularly to the overall speed of the camera and the autofocus. Nothing revolutionary in the OM-1, but a lot of welcome refinements.

    Nowadays I use my m4/3 system almost exclusively. I do plan to rent some Nikon “Z” gear this spring because I have a little project where I want to try a comparison at equivalent focal lengths.

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