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Posted Mar. 25th, 2023 by Daniel J. Cox

Rob Trek Offers OM-1 Custom Settings

Rob Trek, a longtime Olympus shooter, has a couple of great suggestions for OM-1 Custom Settings. Today’s cameras have so many custom options, so having an experienced user’s guidance is extremely helpful.

Understanding custom settings is just one of the many challenges. Olympus has improved this issue with the OM-1, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Set AF Area Pointer to Stay Always ON

Rob’s first suggestion is to set up your AF Area Pointer to stay ON while the Shutter button or Back Focus Button is pressed to initiate focus. This is something I’ve had set up for some time, but Rob adds a twist that’s super helpful. First, let’s go over how to set the AF boxes to stay Always On.

OM-1 Custom Settings

Select Menu and move to the AF tab. Arrow over to Page 2 then arrow down to the second option AF Area Pointer. Select AF Area Pointer and select On2.

OM-1 Custom Settings

Let’s change the color of the AF Box

Next, let’s jump into the Menu and go to the Gear Tab. Arrow over to Page 5 and select the first option Grid Settings. Here’s a perfect example of OM Solutions needing to do a better job with naming custom options. To change the AF box color, we have to go into Grid Settings. Go figure. Under Grid Settings choose Display color and then select Preset 2. Then move down to the Color of Preset 2 at the bottom of that screen. Up comes the RGB channels, where you change the Red channel to 0. Green Channel to 255 and Blue channel to 0. Finally, select the last setting to 100%. Rob shows the process nicely in his video.

OM-1 Custom Settings
Red arrows show green illuminated AF Spot in green illuminated AF Box

And that’s how you change the color of the AF box from the default black to whatever color you choose. I went with the color Rob suggested, which is Green. So far, I’m liking it. A constant green AF box is easier to see in many more situations. Below is an image of the back of my OM-1 LCD showing the green AF box and the activated AF spot.

Thanks to Rob Trek for great ideas

Thanks to Rob Trek for these two nice ideas for improving our Olympus OM-1 cameras. I really like Rob’s channel. Not only does he have great knowledge about the Olympus system, but he’s not one to hyperbole anything. I like his easygoing, down-to-earth demeanor. Thanks for the guidance Rob.

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  1. Kent JakuszOn Apr. 28th, 2023

    Another great video by Thomas.

  2. Kent JakuszOn Mar. 30th, 2023

    Another great OM-1 tutorial resource

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