New Videos on Olympus OM-1

Posted Mar. 23rd, 2022 by Daniel J. Cox

New videos on Olympus OM-1 have been released and they are very informative! I’ve added them to my text below. First I want to share my thoughts about the new company now called OM Digital Solutions.

Hedging my bets with Sony

Comparing the Sony A9 and 200-600mm to the Olympus E-M1X and 150-400mm, a video I produced when I was still on the fence.

Potential loss of MFT

Back in June 2020 Olympus announced they were selling their camera division. I was more than disheartened and a bit concerned since I had just plunked down the money for the new 150-400mm zoom. From that time until today, because of the unknown, I’ve been apprehensive to recommend the Olympus system. I even tried out some Sony gear. In short, I was officially on the fence and hedging my bets.

Weather-sealed like no other camera on the market.

During these two years, I’ve had many of our Natural Exposures Explorers request advice on moving to Micro Four Thirds. Many knew of my disappointment in the Lumix brand’s AF for fast-moving subjects. Some also knew I was testing Sony. They too were confused over the sale of Olympus. All these issues gave me pause, and for two years I was not my normal, enthusiastic MFT champion.

The new OM-1 Menu structure. What a HUGE improvement! I’m loving it already.

Olympus reborn

But that was in 2020 and 2021. Today I’m happy to announce that I’ve lost my concern about where OM Digital Solutions is going. When the sale was announced, it was predicted the new company would tear the old Olympus apart, selling off its technology and decimating the brand. Thankfully that has not happened, and I’m now convinced OM Digital Solutions is taking their cameras down a new path that has tremendous appeal.

OM-1 new buttons for even better handling

My first indication that OM Digital Solutions was in it for the long haul was how seamlessly they transitioned the old website to the new company. That was just a small indicator but something that helped me believe they had no plans to tear the company apart. Next came my interaction with Olympus professional services. I thought I had an issue with the E-M1X and my 150-400mm lens. Getting my gear to them and having it checked was extremely smooth and professional.

Updated AF Points

The relatively fast and successful launch of the new Olympus OM-1 has sealed my confidence in the new company. I’m writing this before starting a shoot in India, and I purchased two of the new Olympus OM-1 bodies before I left my home in Montana. Having handled the new camera and read the many glowing reviews I’m more than excited to put these new cameras to the test.

AI Detection AF

I’m back as a MFT champion

With that, I just want to say I’m back onboard for all things Micro Four Thirds. Including renewed enthusiasm for what Panasonic Lumix is doing. I had a chance to test the new GH6 a few weeks ago, and Lumix has made huge strides in their quest for better AF.

For those who tell me the smaller cameras can’t produce, I say bunk. These are the same people who suggest full-frame is the only way to go. Then in the same breath GUSH with extreme enthusiasm about an image, they’re showing me on their iPhone. MFT comes in between a full-frame and a cell phone with the added benefits of quality optics and handling a phone can’t equal.

New and improved BLX-1 battery grip

Next time you’re looking at the images on your iPhone, just imagine how much better they could be with quality optics with a much larger sensor. Not full-frame but plenty large enough to produce the supremacy we all strive for.

New video functions that rival my Lumix gear

Only with MFT, it comes in a much smaller, lighter, and more affordable package. That’s the Micro Four Thirds difference. And you’ll have cash left over for a trip to India. Stay tuned for the photos to prove it.

Olympus OM-1 day

Along with the new educational videos Olympus has announced what they’re calling OM-1 Day. Here’s a link to the website that you can sign up for Zoom sessions to learn about the new camera in English, German, French, and Spanish. It’s only on March 23-24, so if you are reading this today you can get onboard.

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  1. Jeffrey McPheetersOn Mar. 23rd, 2022

    This was nice to find these all together. David Smith is a friend that does some of these. He and I help admin an Olympus education group on FB so it’s nice to see his presentations. Thanks for making such a good argument for m43, Daniel. I have been shooting with Olympus cameras since 1974 but also some FF Canon DSLRs for ten years from 2004-2014 and using a Sony A9 with 200-600 from time to time along with the OM-D gear. It’s all pretty amazing what we have now, especially for the sudden action kinds of work that is hard to anticipate in wildlife and nature. I have a handful of lightning photos from days prior to Live Composite and now hundreds much better since Olympus brought us that in 2015. I have a handful of good bird takeoffs from before ProCapture and now hundreds of better sequences since Olympus brought us ProCapture. It’s making my job more fun and more productive.

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