Video #1: Nikon’s New Camera Ad Campaign – Pure Photography

Posted Oct. 27th, 2013 by Daniel J. Cox

Nikon has released a teaser video, with four additional teaser videos to come, showing a photographer shooting with a new Nikon camera. Or I should say, showing the photographer but not the camera. It’s titled Pure Photography. They’re trying something new here and when I first heard about the new Pure Photography campaign,  I wasn’t all that intrigued. Then Nikon Rumors put out another post stating that Nikon actually has a spot on their website dedicated to the new camera, no photo, just a link that takes you to a page that states, “Nikon presents a series of short movies depicting a photographer roaming through Scotland with a camera as his only companion. Discover how he reunites with his creative self during this uniquely ambitious trip.”  I have to say this second announcement made me go take a look. [youtube][/youtube] There is lots of speculation on the web as to what this new camera will be but most think it is going to be a retro styled digital body that harkens back to the camera designs during the last days of film. Who knows what it may be but I’ve recently stated more than once that Canon used to be the king of the two major camera manufacturers in the marketing game, however, today it’s Nikon. Not only do they have the best equipment for still photography but they are finally marketing their wares like few others know how to do. That wasn’t always the case but their products and their promotion of those products seem to be hitting on all cylinders. . Read more on

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  1. gary lehmanOn Oct. 28th, 2013

    are we not due for a D4 replacement soon ? I hope it is a little cheaper even at expense of some durability and industrial strength hardening. I guess time will tell…

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Oct. 29th, 2013

      Gary, You’re right. It seems there should have been a D4 sibling of some sort by now. Something similar to the D700 that was released as a sibling to the D3. Nikon didn’t want to release a camera with the same imaging sensor as that in the D4 since when they went that route with the D700, it hurt D3 sales. This time, they’ve not made the same mistake with the D4. However, it would seem enough time has passed and we should be seeing a full frame sibling of the D4. Only Nikon knows why they’re waiting. Maybe this new camera is what we’re looking for.

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