Nikon Rumors Highlights DxOMark Super Telephoto Tests Between Nikon, Canon and Sony

Posted Jul. 26th, 2013 by Daniel J. Cox

Nikon Rumors posted some interesting comparison’s of tests recently performed by DxOMark. DxOMark is the go-to website for detailed information on the tehnical qualities of  the super telephoto lenses from Nikon and Canon. Nikon’s 20mm F/2 is listed as the sharpest Nikon lens ever tested and one of the sharpest lenses DxoMark has ever tested. It’s a pretty interesting read and Nikon comes out on top in almost all super tele tests. I’ve attached screen shots of the charts they used from DxOMark. Nikon certainly does live up to their reputation as a world leader in superb optics. I’ve always been convinced this is the case in most situations but DxOMark is a great way to get independent verification.


Head to head the Nikon 200-400 comes out on top just a tad over the Canon 200-400. The Canon does a bit better in other tests but overall they are pretty equal.


Details on Nikkor’s 200, 300 and 400mm lenses


Comaprison of the Nikkor 400mm and the Canon 400mm lenses.


Comparison of the Nikkor 300mm, Canon 300mm and the Sony 300mm.

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