Nikkor 600mm F/4 For Sale Like New on the NE Trading Post

Posted Sep. 23rd, 2015 by Daniel J. Cox

Nikkor 600mm F/4 For Sale Like New on the NE Trading Post. One of the benefits of traveling with Natural Exposures Invitational Photo Tours is the ability to make great contacts and friends as well as become a Natural Exposures Explorer. We also try to offer some special perks like the Natural Exposures Trading Post where only people who have traveled with us can list their camera equipment for sale. Our reason for making this exclusive is the idea that the people who sell and buy are folks we already know to some degree. We don’t take any commission of any kind and we only partake in connecting two parties. The transaction is up to the seller and buyer; they work out their own details on payment and shipping. Our goal for the Trading Post is to give our Explorers another avenue to sell their gear, possibly to someone they know, without having to worry about dealing with people they’ve never met and having to pay a commission to somebody like EBay for making the sale.

FS Nikon 600mm Lens -1.jpg

With that in mind I want to alert everybody in the NE Family that one of our favorite Explorers, Dave Glatz, is looking to sell his virtually new-looking Nikkor 600mm F/4. I’ve seen this lens and it as close to out-of-the-box new as I’ve ever seen for a used lens. I also know how Dave takes care of his gear much nicer than I do. You should see my Nikkor 600mm. Dave’s is a steal for the price of $7500. Mine looks like it’s been drug down the AlCan Highway to Alaska.

So if  you’re in need of the monster 600mm Nikkor take a look at Dave’s lens, and don’t forget to check out Dave Glatz’s NE Galleries to see many of the images he’s actually shot with this exact lens.

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