New Lexar 1000 and 2000 SDHC ll Cards Unreadable?

Posted Sep. 27th, 2015 by Daniel J. Cox

New Lexar 1000 and 2000 SDHC ll cards unreadable? Yesterday one of our Explorers came to me with a Lexar card issue I had never seen before on any card. Basically, two brand new Lexar cards, one 32GB 1000X and one 64GB 2000X SDHC cards could not be recognized by his Lumix GH4. No matter what we did, the camera would not format or even recognize them as an acceptable card. We shot a video of what we were seeing and you can see it below. Has anyone else seen this issue?

These were brand new, straight-out-of-the-box samples. Very disappointing since I had just bought two of 32GB 2000X SDHC cards for our trip here in South Africa. Mine are working just fine but it’s disheartening to see that there is obviously an issue. My two new Lexar cards were my first in probably the past five years after having issues with SanDisk cards. Was hoping to get away from problems.


Rich got back to the states and called Lexar. Here in his words is how the conversation went. He sent this info to me via email and I asked him if it was ok to add this to the Blog. He agreed.

“Hi Dan, I saw your blog post about Lexar cards.  Although I did contact Lexar, they simply wanted their forms filled out, did not seem to want to talk on the phone about it.  also, they would not cross ship. I do presume they would have sent me new cards, but I figured amazon would do it so sooner. So I lost the opportunity to hear directly from Lexar about my specific cards, just too tedious.

You guys in Africa??  Also, I thought Fred’s photos and other photos from our group might put the coffin nails in my canon days.  Can you get some of us on the short list for the new lumix zoom??

Take care and my best to you and yours,

Rich Wilson

I feel it’s important to shed light on issues like this so we can all choose a product based on the quality of that product and the support that either does or does not come with it. In this case, very little support was offered on Lexar’s state-of-the-art SDHC ll cards. I’m astonished they had so little interest in getting their hands on these cards ASAP and at any cost. If any others have issues please let us know here on the Blog.

Updated Update 6/5/2016

We never did receive ANY information from Lexar on this issue even after three different emails to their PR Department regarding the post New Lexar 1000 and 2000 SDHC ll cards unreadable. I emailed three different people which included Melissa Jenkins Latham, Andrew Rodger and a The email to was returned, the other two were not. Nobody ever did contact me about the issues we were having. Just astonishing that a company in this day and age would not respond to a Blog post that completely discredits their product. So that’s where it stands currently. Would still love to hear from them.

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  1. Eddie ArrossiOn Feb. 12th, 2020

    No one but two Lexar SD 64Gb 1667x with the same problem. Error and impossible to be read by any of my cameras or computers. Photos to deliver in one of them and no way to access the card.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Feb. 12th, 2020

      Eddie, were those problems recent or in the pst?

  2. Victor Carmelo SciberrasOn Sep. 17th, 2019

    I have one of these cards too with II after SDHC which I bought from an online company called my “My Memory”, late 2017. it worked ok but it don’t anymore, same symptoms as above on Sony A7r2 and A6400. All my Macs cannot read or repair it. The company don’t want to replace it as their guarantee is on 6 month on memory cards. And then gave me a link to Lexar which I contacted who offered a replacement but when they noticed my address was in the UK they got someone in the EU to contact me. He did and offered me a refund for 46 USDs but I paid £59 Sterling which is 74 USDs exchange rate and he said only $46 was the correct refund. The EU and UK insist manufacturers offer a six year guarantee, five years in Scotland under the name of “Not fit for the purpose it was intended” warranty as described by Apple Macintosh in the warrant description. A big copout by the new Lexar owners I think and as far as I’m concerned I will never buy Lexar cards again and will ask friends to do the same.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Sep. 18th, 2019

      I’ve thrown out half a dozen Lexar cards myself Victor. I can’t blame you for no longer wanting to support this company. Not sure if the new management team is producing any better product than the previous crew but I just don’t have any faith in the Lexar name.

  3. Edward BroussardOn Apr. 28th, 2018

    I bought a LexarCSDXC II and I got the ERROR then it was OK so I used the card took over 1,000 photos and I am now unable to get the photos the camera as well as my MAC is unable to read the card anyone please advise ??!!


    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Apr. 29th, 2018

      Might want to try SanDisk Image Rescue software. Has worked well for me. Other than that, not much recourse for a company that’s gone out of business. Sorry I can’t be more help.

  4. Graham HicklingOn Oct. 10th, 2017

    I been successfully using a 32GB 1000x Lexar in my G7. This week I bought a second supposedly identical card from Amazon – the new card would not format and was unusable. It is probably a fake – the earlier card has a double row of copper contacts, the new card has only one.

    • MichelleOn Oct. 24th, 2017

      Same thing here. I’ve been using these cards for a while now. Bought a new 64gb off Amazon. Reads “Card Err” in everything. . .can’t do anything with it. Looks identical to all my previous cards as well except this one only has one row of contacts on the back as opposed to all the others having 2.

  5. Michael SpearOn Aug. 18th, 2017

    Just got my Nikon D500 and bought two new cards from Adorama, 1 Lexar 64GB XQD and 1 Lexar SD 64 GB Lexar 2000x.

    The D500 cannot format the card and when I installed image rescue5 on my latest Windows system, it freezes my computer during the scan of the SD card. The XQD seems fine, but the SD card is a fail. Have not contacted Adorama yet.

    Not sure why Lexar’s SW is crashing my system.

  6. Dennis LarkinOn Jan. 5th, 2016

    I bought two Lexar Professional 1000x SDHC II [3] cards to use with my brand new G7’s and both cards gave a variety of errors include “memory card is full” after I had taken all of 4 shots. ” This card was formatted in a non standard device and is unsuitable for recording” and the ever popular complete lockup of the camera.

    I contacted Lexar support via email and they promptly responded. After I performed the formatting they asked me to do using Lexar software and still had unusable cards they had me send the cards back. Lexar replaced the cards but the new ones do not work properly either. Nice job Lexar.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jan. 5th, 2016

      Dennis, I’ve was originally in contact with Lexar about this issue. Once they saw my Blog post they got in touch with me and I was inspired they were going to get to the bottom of the issue. However, after their an initial email with Rich, the Explorer who had the card issues, and an email to myself, they have since dropped off the map. I actually sent them a followup email explaining that I would like to add some good news to the blog post regarding how amazingly helpful they had been but so far I’ve not heard a word from them. Very strange for a company in this day and age to not respond.

  7. Portrait of Ray Hirsch

    Ray HirschOn Sep. 28th, 2015

    Hi Mike and Dan,

    Do the Lexar cards have a Roman numeral II right after the SDHC? If so, they are a newer generation interface and not all camera models accept them. I have several of these and have had no problems except with card readers. Lexar is now owned by Micron Technologies in Boise Idaho, the second largest memory manufacturer on the planet and they have recently partnered with Intel to produce a new NAND memory design which will be extremely fast and dense designed to replace all rotating disk drives.


    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Sep. 28th, 2015

      Ray, yes they do have the Roman numeral ll after the SDHC. Funny thing is that I have two of the 32gig SDHC ll 2000X cards myself, bought them just before this trip, and they work fine. They look identical to the ones we had issues with but mine work and the other ones don’t. Must just be a batch of bad cards.

  8. MikeOn Sep. 28th, 2015

    I have two Lexar 64GB 1000X cards from different batches. On a check and test run, one showed the card error. Tested in an OMD E-M5 MKII and a Nikon D750. Sent to Lexar/Crucial UK and a replacement provided by return. Both of these faster cards working reliably now.

    There may be some early cards with a component issue.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Sep. 28th, 2015

      Thanks for the added info. Not happy about hearing of this but guess it proves that no card is perfect. Thought I was going to better cards with Lexar. Oh’well.

    • MikeOn Sep. 28th, 2015

      To put it in context, this is the first Lexar issue I’ve had since I started using them eight years ago. I’ve had a number of SanDisk card corruption issues and a couple of card failures. All recent card purchases bar one have been Lexar. The other was for a SanDisk microSD for a GoPro and that failed. I do check and test the cards although I’m now mindful that my two new Olympus bodies only have a single card slot compared to my Nikons…

  9. Tom OcasekOn Sep. 27th, 2015

    Dan, did you try those cards in more than one GH$. I have never experienced Lexar to have a quality problem. Tom

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Sep. 27th, 2015

      Yes, I did try them in two different GH4’s. All of them gave me the exact same issue with same warning messages. Would love to have Lexar see this and get involved.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Sep. 27th, 2015

      What makes you say this? Please elaborate.

    • Juraj DolanjskiOn Sep. 17th, 2016

      There have always been warnings about counterfeit flash cards:

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Sep. 18th, 2016

      There’s no way for any of us to know if these were counterfeit cards or not. Lexar refused to even discuss the issue and try to figure it out. Can’t imagine why in this day of inability to hide, they never responded to any of our emails or questions. I know I’ll never buy another Lexar card because of their lack of interest. Astonishing in this day of “Nowhere to hide” internet reviews etc.

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