New Canon 100-400mm Zoom?

Posted Oct. 29th, 2013 by Daniel J. Cox

This is for you Canon fans who have been drooling over my new Nikon 80-400mm zoom lens. As I’ve mentioned to many of you, seems Canon has a new version of the 100-400mm in the works. They should, since their new 200-400mm is so incredibly expensive, $11,800.00 at B&H Photo, a price that has stopped many of you from going that route.  A gentleman named Peter Norvig seems to have spotted a possible test version of the new Canon 100-400mm at a recent baseball game. You can read more about what he saw on his Google+ Page. The photo below is an image he took.  You can decide for yourself if it’s what Peter thinks.

Could this be the new Canon 100-400mm zoom lens. If so it looks like it may have retained the often disliked push/pull zoom mechanism.

Could this be the new Canon 100-400mm zoom lens? If so it looks like it may have retained the often disliked push/pull zoom mechanism. We’ll maybe not, fuss I avan’t really tell. We shall see.

For those who are interested I have a great plan that can get you in to a phenomenal lens of this range right now and it involves the new, spectacular  Nikkor 80-400mm zoom. Here’s the idea you might want to consider.

I know many of you have lusted after the Nikkor 200-400mm for many years. And now, Canon has finally got around to getting you guys and gals their version, however, at the price they want for the Canon lens, you could easily move out of Canon and into Nikon and actually make money. I sold my Nikon 500mm F/4 and 300mm F/2.8 when the Nikkor 200-400 was released. I actually made money on that transaction. Now that I’m loving the new 80-400mm so much, I’ve sold one of my 200-400mm’s and I’m contemplating selling my 70-200mm F/2.8. So in place of the 200-400mm and the 70-200mm, I’m now relying on the phenominal 80-400mm. And I’m not regretting it a bit. I just returned from South Africa and Brazil and between both trips I shot nearly 35,000 images with the new 80-400mm zoom.  I’m even more impressed with it than I was before I left. It is spectacular.

So there you have it. A great plan for

  • Saving serious cash (by not buying the Canon 200-400)
  • Making  serious cash (by the sale of your other Canon lenses)
  • Having more cash for your spouse’s Christmas gift, due to the money you make selling your older gear
  • Reducing the size and weight of your camera bag
  • Getting the lens you want right now
  • Last but not least, finally getting some lenses that are painted a respectable black 🙂

For those that know me you know this post is a lot of tongue in cheek. Though it does make sense for some folks. I love Canon. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If it weren’t for Canon I would still be shooting Nikon’s from the 1950s. Canon has pushed Nikon like nobody else could have. Because of Canon, Nikon is now a world leader in still imaging and yes Canon is most definitely an equal. It’s a tough game for these two giants of the camera world. Whatever you decide you can’t go wrong with either system. It’s just that with Nikon, you’ll have more money for future trips and additional camera gear. Have fun thinking about it.

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