NE Explorer Jeff Nadler in the Spotlight

Posted Feb. 11th, 2014 by Jill Mangum

Natural Exposures’ Explorer Jeff Nadler took a trip to the wilds of the Pantanal in Brazil last year with Dan and Tanya. Jeff returned home with incredible photographs of the beautiful jaguars that reside there. Jeff has created a 2014 wall calendar featuring some of his favorite jaguar photographs from the trip. We know some of you still need that 2014 calendar – take a peek !

Jeff Nadler's 2014 calendar featuring jaguars from the Pantanal, Brazil.

Jeff Nadler’s 2014 calendar featuring jaguars from the Pantanal, Brazil.

It’s also worth mentioning that Jeff’s photography has received quite the attention lately. Jeff has a wonderful hippo photo that was included in National Wildlife Federation’s 2013 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions.

Jeff Nadler's hippo photo was included in NWF's honorable mentions.

Jeff Nadler’s hippo photo was included in NWF’s honorable mentions.

Jeff has also received four awards for photos he’s taken in Tanzania in NANPA’s photo contest – two vervet monkey shots which are recognized in the top 100 and the other two in the top 250. His winning images, along with others, can be seen in NANPA’s Showcase Gallery. Photos are listed alphabetically by the photographer’s last name (Jeff’s are on page 7).

Interested in photographing awe-inspiring jaguars along with several other incredible creatures? Join Dan and Tanya on the 2015 Brazil Pantanal Jaguar Wildlife Photo Expedition.

Jeff Nadler's Vervet Monkey photo honored in the top 100 in NANPA photo contest.

Jeff Nadler’s Vervet Monkey photo honored in the top 100 in NANPA photo contest.


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  1. Pat FousekOn Feb. 13th, 2014

    Beautiful photos, Jeff. Always amazing and puts the viewer right there in the wild.

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