Mylio Update Keeps Pushing The Bar Higher

Posted Jul. 1st, 2017 by Daniel J. Cox

Mylio Update

Last night Mylio once again updated their software with several new features, added support for a handful of new cameras, and squashed a bug or two. One of the new features has finally given me the ability to eliminate

David Vaskevitch, CEO of Mylio, in front of a wall of his photography at Mylio headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

Photo Mechanic from my workflow, and any reduction in the number of programs I need to get my work done is a huge step forward. Thank you Team Mylio!

New Features

The first item on the list above is something I’ve been whining about for a long time. Team Mylio thought this request was a bit odd to say the least, but it was an option in Aperture and is an option in Photo Mechanic. Amazingly, it’s not an option in Adobe’s Lightroom which doesn’t allow for importing your pictures based on the date they were imported. Lightroom only allows you to import photos based on the day they were shot. Mylio also only had the option to import by the day shot until this update. I’ve always organized my photos based on

Captain Cool, Mylio software engineering guru JP Duplessis, working his Mylio magic on his Mac keyboard. Mylio headquarters in Seattle, Washington

import date and I didn’t want to change. Luckily for me, JP Duplessis took the time to make it happen. I have to admit that my desire to do it this way was a bit unnecessary since I always have the Mylio catalog, with at least thumbnails of my entire library, on my laptop. Currently, that’s 1,035,117 images. In the past, with Photo Mechanic and Lightroom, it was easy to mix folders up without having my entire catalog always accessible. It’s possible I could have done it Mylio’s way had JP and I discussed it a bit more, but for those of you who do it like I do, and I’ve met many that do, you now have this capability in Mylio.

The top left corner showing my overall image count in my Mylio library. Mylio is every bit as fast with 1 million plus images as it was with 10,000 images. It’s still rocket fast!

Bug Fixes

  • Mylio on Windows now ignores bundles and packages when importing.
  • Sony A7ii photos taken with APSC lens now generate previews as expected. (Thanks Stu!)
  • Fixed an issue that causes faces to not align properly on RAW images.
  • Simplified the face tagging UI in “Who is this?” views. (Thanks Mili!)
  • A ton of crash fixes, including Android O Beta crash fixes, will provide for a more stable Mylio.

JP and Marcus joined me and other NE Explorers in New Mexico to take pictures and discuss the needs of photographers in the field.

Camera Support

  • Canon EOS 77D
  • Canon EOS Rebel T7i
  • Canon EOS M6
  • Sony A9

JP lines up his monster bazooka during our shoot in New Mexican. Freddy and Sue can’t believe what they’re seeing.

Thanks to All Involved

You’ll notice that after a few of the New Features and Bug Fixes there’s a name. Mine appears in the line detailing the new Import option. There are two others besides me. I only mention this to point out how Mylio is interested

David Vaskevitch leading the All Hands On Deck meeting at the Mylio headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

in their customers. I can tell you from experience, there are a lot of companies that don’t respond like Mylio has been doing. That’s a huge advantage for all users and for Mylio. I know it sure makes me excited about the future when I know the folks I’m talking to are truly listening and making things happen due to customer input.

Let’s Hope Video is the Next Big Thing for Mylio

As the cameras continue to change, allowing us to pull stills from the video we shoot, I’m ever hopeful that Mylio will up their game in the world of moving pictures. Currently, Mylio only allows us to get to our videos by way of

The Lumix Diaries pulls out a win at the IHA World Hockey Championships in Paris where I used the small, pocketable Lumix ZS100 in 4K Photo Mode to catch the winning goal by the Swiss, beating the Canadians 3-2 in overtime. Amazingly, I was sitting halfway up in the stands, middle part of the colosseum, where I shot much of the game with this tiny little camera. Tanya and I were just passing through Paris on our way to Croatia and Slovenia when we realized her distant family member Nate MacKinnon was in town playing for the Canadians. Would have rather had the Canadians win than to get this shot, but hey, that’s the way the puck rolls.

connecting up to Quicktime Player. It works, but it’s certainly not a perfect option. We desperately need a way to see video within Mylio and have the ability to pull individual frames from that same video. I was able to do that with Aperture and it’s also currently possible with Lightroom. We desperately need the same capabilities with Mylio as technology moves forward.

Thanks again David Vaskevitch, JP Duplessis, and the rest of the Mylio Team.

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  1. DeanOn Jul. 5th, 2017

    Here’s an update. Marcus of Mylio just walked me through the installation and setup of Mylio. I am stunned by his willingness to help me, a single client, “get the hang” of Mylio. Shortly after getting Mylio running on my desktop iMac, I was looking at photos on my iPad and iPhone. Incredible. Made a modification to an image and added a title . . . seconds later, those changes popped up on the master drive (an IoSafe . . . fireproof, waterproof, bombproof . . . NAS system). WOW. Marcus and I discussed a few “tweaks” to the software (like being able to selectively download images from an SD card) that hopefully will be made in the future that will keep me from using Mylio for “ingestion” of images. But, as a way to manage huge piles of images in an easy-to-use and, dare I write FUN, program, the Mylio calendar is a joy! What impresses me most about Mylio is its willingness (eagerness?) to listen to its users as it endeavors to make the best digital photo handling software on the planet. Hooray Mylio!

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jul. 5th, 2017


      Don’t bring up the “bomb proof” part. Too much going on with North Korea right now?. I hope I’m just joking.

      Great to hear Marcus is helping you get on track. That’s the kind of service Mylio provides. Did you ever try to call Adobe? Not sure why you’re not using the Import option. I didn’t myself until just recently but have switched completely over from Importing with Photo Mechanic. Will try and call you when I get back to the states and discuss your Import process.

  2. DeanOn Jul. 2nd, 2017

    Let me add to Dan’s accolades piled on the Mylio Team. I have struggled with Mylio and gave up on it. But David (Vaskevitch) did not give up on me. He sent me several emails and eventually we talked on the telephone for nearly half an hour. I was blown away by he desire to make things work for me. [I’m still not there, but he has introduced me to Marcus who is going to attempt to accomplish magic by getting me comfortable with Mylio.] I am not an “influencer” like Dan, but that didn’t stop David from devoting time and energy to make me happy with Mylio. This kind of customer service and attention is unheard of (outside, perhaps Apple)! I cannot speak to the merits of the software (yet), but I just have to give a boisterous “shout out” to David and Team Mylio. Simply amazing people. (And, thanks to Dan, too, for getting me in touch with David!) Who knows?!? If I can conquer capturing Birds in Flight, I should be able to master Mylio!

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