Mylio Releases New Update 3.1

Posted Apr. 24th, 2018 by Daniel J. Cox

Mylio update 3.1 is just another group of improvements to a program I literally can’t live without. I use Mylio every single day; it gives me and my staff access to photos that have been long buried on hard drives.

Matt, Raiza, and Neo in the Mylio Control Center solving the worlds Mylio problems one call at a time. Seattle, Washington.

Support agent extraordinaire, Matt Vollet (in photo above on the far left), wrote the following information I captured from the Mylio website. Here are the details Matt provides.

Download the newest version of Mylio

Lots of new features like an update to GPS location services that is easier for adding GPS to photos not oringally tagged.

Gather your friends and family to explore a new world of photo organization with Mylio. The world may look familiar – it is Earth! With your pictures on it! Check out and show off the brand new Map view to all of your acquaintances. You’ll be the talk of the town. Oh, and just in case that isn’t enough, Mylio 3.1 brings even more goodies and refinements. New features that many have asked for, and some that you didn’t even know you wanted. Let’s check ’em out below…

New Features

  • A brand new Map view that replaces Location view. See your photos on a map, just like Ptolemy would have wanted (hint: he was a cartographer (hint’s hint: map maker)).
  • No GPS? No problem! Add GPS coordinates to any photo with a simple drag and drop, or location search, from within Map view.
  • Manual face tagging has come to Mylio! If a face you want to tag isn’t found, you can now instruct Mylio on where it is.
  • Keep your Mylio status at the ready with the new Mylio Dashboard. Don’t live in the dark, we’ll keep you updated with notifications and your device’s status all in one convenient location.
  • We’ve discretely moved progress reporting to the top of Mylio so you can see when Mylio is completing an action.
  • Creating Events and Event Categories just got even easier (and prettier). Keeping track of your life’s calendar has never looked so good.
  • We’re bringing automatic Media Library deletion to Android devices! This will allow you to easily clear up space on your phone and tablet, and keep it clear, all from within Mylio.
  • Mylio will now fetch an Original from an attached external drive when trying to share or edit an image. You no longer need to adjust the Sync Policy of the image to ensure you’re getting the best quality.
  • Android devices can now share into Mylio using the OS share menu!
  • Cleaned up the Contact Mylio Support menu and created a way for our Support Team to request logs after you’ve initiated contact with them.
  • Catalog recovery is now available on iPhones (3D touch) and Android devices. We’ve also completely reworked catalog recovery to make it more intuitive on all platforms. Oh – and we’ll do a better job of alerting you if we detect an issue.

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed a series of bugs that may have caused Mylio to become stuck moving files or folders on your disk.
  • Greatly reduced the number of reasons a catalog may become corrupted.
  • Properly shut down an issue that may have caused Mylio to not properly shut down.
  • We’ll now auto-configure Windows Firewall for optimal Mylio settings.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Mylio to appear unresponsive when syncing to an external drive (thanks, Dan!).

Extended Details

  • Version: 3.1
  • Release Date: April 23rd, 2018
  • Mac Build: 5254
  • Windows Build: 5254
  • iOS Build: Coming Soon!
  • Android Build: 5254

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