Mylio Tip: Google Your Wish for Mylio and See What Pops Up Like Facial Recognition

Posted Oct. 26th, 2016 by Daniel J. Cox

This post was inspired by my good friend JP Duplessis of Mylio. I’m fortunate to have a direct line to JP who is one of Mylio’s lead coders and on a daily basis is adding features to this great new program.

Tagging your friends, business associates, or on this case our NE Explorers is extremely fast and easy in Mylio.

Tagging your friends, business associates, or in this case our NE Explorers, is extremely fast and easy with Mylio.

I had been perusing the DPRevew Mac Forums when I came across a post from a reader who thought Mylio was far behind Lightroom with the ability and power of facial tagging. In his post he states, “Daniel: Yes, I’ve been looking at Mylio’s face detection capabilities; it’s not quite as robust yet as Lightroom’s.” But after checking with JP, I found that none of this poster’s concerns were true.

A simple Google Search of up "Mylio facial tagging" brought up Face–Recognition Mylio

A simple Google Search of of “Mylio facial tagging” brought up Face–Recognition Mylio. It can be this simple to find out if Mylio has the feature you’re looking for or not.

JP pointed me to the Mylio web page that explained the tremendous power Mylio has for facial recognition and tagging. He also voiced his frustrations about the problem of people sharing false

information. JP went on to say that it’s generally as simple as doing a Google Search such as “Mylio facial tagging” to find out if the problem is real or false. I did this exact search myself and the first hit on Google was “Face Recognition Mylio.”

I decided this would be a great way to start my series of Mylio Tips for those interested in knowing more about all that Mylio can do. To find out, just Google your Mylio wish and you most likely will get results that will access Mylio’s extensive support web database that shows videos and text explaining all its features. Tagging your friends, family, and associates is a breeze with Mylio. Happy tagging.

More to come on Mylio tips.

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